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Long live the iOS tips. I read them all but this is the first one I've personally found useful. This is great. Bummer that it's sorta hidden but this seems fairly intuitive after doing it just once.
Having Find My Friends in the widgets means it's going to run more frequently. That means it'll tap the GPS on my device and any friends. And drain battery faster, right?
Ballmer's policy of ignoring other platforms has given way to Satya Nadella taking the obvious route to be everywhere.
 Not sure what resources you're working with but if you're on Windows with MS Office you could add the account in Outlook and export from there. Can't answer for other platform combos.
Thanks for the review, Neil. It could be longer -- more about power drain, different ways of stressing the CPU, more about the feel of the keys and that glorious trackpad we keep hearing about. (I haven't had a chance to see this in person yet.)   I think you're getting attacked for one specific use-case and it's probably just representative of many other situations. Tesla seems to have some problems like this, too. Building something that we all anticipate will get here...
Count me as one who wishes I had FM on my phone. Don't get me wrong - I love that I can listen to live terrestial radio stations on the web - but physical location is still important in so many ways.
Pretty darn impressive video still available at http://iphonefixed.co.uk/apple-watch-screen-scratch-test-by-iphonefixed.html. I bet they wouldn't have done this test if was strapped to a $400 watch.
Just use Google DNS. hahaha
 Can you make up your mind which it is?  Or maybe different parts of the page are stirring up different feelings.
The law of large numbers has to do with statistical sampling, not with determining company fundamentals. It says that as you increase your sample size you're more likely to get a "true" value. It has nothing to do with stock pricing. Or company earnings, growth, etc. It doesn't mean that as a company grows, that incremental growth becomes more difficult. Frankly, it's irrelevant for predicting what a company's fundamentals will look like at any period in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: