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"Fragmentation" here is referring to the number of active smartphones on a particular platform running different OS versions. And platform is a proxy for and is being conflated with actual features. iOS 6 will support all actively sold mobile devices and likely be quickly installed. The features, however, will not be available on all devices. That VIP and flagged mail and Offline Reading List won't work on 3GS is peculiar. HTH.  
What is it with people calling devices obsolete when they're actively being sold? Very condescending, IMO. This answer is frequently accompanied by the arguments that people should simply buy the latest that the company offers if they want the newest features.   Is it that much to expect that a company support their current offerings? Apple (any company for that matter) should make it clear what the support guidelines are. Wouldn't it be odd if, for example, Mountain Lion...
Thanks for posting a link to this. Very helpful.
Pls remove this post, admins.
Oh, why! I don't want to use the F word here but Android's been having that trouble for a while. It's clear that they *can* allow older phones to have Siri, turn-by-turn, dictation, etc, but it's clear they're making some choices here. The line seems kind of arbitrary about which iOS devices will get which features. The latest will always have all, of course, but we're going to need a matrix to determine while features will be on which devices when iOS 6 is released.
FWIW, AAPL's drop yesterday mirrored what was happening in the rest of the market. No more, no less. Not to read too much into it but the fact that there wasn't a big drop means they're doing better than expected for post-conference performance.
I respectfully disagree with Anant and lkrupp. I've been following the articles about bringing iPhone manufacturing to the US. It looks like the consensus is that the price per unit would be less than 10% more if using US labor. (Just one link here.) There are a lot factors that would increase the cost but I imagine there are a lot of incentives that could moderate that, too, and bring down the impact on the per-unit cost of the devices.   I'm also saying that cost...
+1 for this feature although I really wish it would come to iOS. I read a lot on the subway and my connection is a little spotty. I'm using the excellent and recently updated Pocket app but it would be awesome if Safari could do it natively. In fact, I'd be happy if Safari just wouldn't refresh pages automatically.
The fact that it's not a common scenario doesn't minimize its severity or eliminate the need for this to be addressed. There are people in work environments who share computers. There is malware that doesn't even need physical access. If this was another OS I'm sure there would be a lot more uproar on this site.
In defense of Amtrak's budgeting decisions it may be helpful to know that Amtrak sort of has its hands tied on spending. The federal government (rightly, I strongly believe) doesn't want them collapsing so has given them money but then ties conditions to how that money is spent. Presidents from both parties have tried to make proposals about bringing vitality to national rail travel. Here's an old article which explains. It's a bit sad that conditions haven't improved...
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