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  Asynchronous refers to data being sent in various chunks or sent only from one end. Not all at the same time or not from both ends at once. (Conversations are synchronous. Text messages are asynchronous.) And just to state the obvious, synchronization here refers to data being the same in both places. Asynchronous is the opposite of synchronous. It's not related to synchronized or synchronization in this sense.
Why would you be stupid for using it?
  Really interesting info. (Thanks for adding to the conversation rather than just giving a reaction!)  Is this because consumer devices and plane communication share frequencies? Seems to me that they should be silo'd but maybe there are historical reasons that this is much stickier than I'm imagining it could be if we started from scratch. PEDs use so many freq bands and even under the best of circumstances things might interfere. Damaged devices (or deliberately...
    Let's be clear - I'm not advocating one approach over another here. But just acknowledging that the cable companies are now where they are due to a heap of policy - how content creators and bundlers and distributors pay one another, who owns the infrastructure, taxing, spectrum. That's just to name a few things. It's tangled. Good job security for the lawyers for some time to come, right?   If you want to get rid of all the shingles you're the one who's going to get...
  Sorry to be the voice of reason here but it's policy that got us into this mess and policy will have a big hand in getting us out. Spectrum, competition, etc.
It was really helpful to see the illustration twice in this article. The first time I was like, what? What's that? Then the second time I was like, oh, I see. It's curved.
Hmmm. Location service icon still on for me after turning off Google Now. I force closed the Google Search app even.
Maybe unrelated but my bro recently sent me a pic using iMessage. It appeared in my lock screen. I swiped to get to iMessage to reply but the pic disappeared. I told him about it and he resent and it didn't disappear the second time. Odd but now that I see this report I think maybe it's not isolated.
I'm referring to this chart that says otherwise. What are you looking at?   I think Apple's game plan here was studied by all the envious competitors and they pounced when the iPad was released. They didn't want to run with their own ideas as much as borrow, cough, cough steal, cough, from Apple's vision.   I thought about the pace right after posting my last comment. The pace was relentless compared to competitors. As I mention above the pace of releases is part of the...
It's interesting that Android's 9% surge and Surface's 7.4 gains seem to be at iOS's -15% expense. Really wondering what to attribute that to. iPod cemented their lead by iterating so quickly. This doesn't seem to be playing out with iPad in the same way. Surprising to me, frankly.
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