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I'm referring to this chart that says otherwise. What are you looking at?   I think Apple's game plan here was studied by all the envious competitors and they pounced when the iPad was released. They didn't want to run with their own ideas as much as borrow, cough, cough steal, cough, from Apple's vision.   I thought about the pace right after posting my last comment. The pace was relentless compared to competitors. As I mention above the pace of releases is part of the...
It's interesting that Android's 9% surge and Surface's 7.4 gains seem to be at iOS's -15% expense. Really wondering what to attribute that to. iPod cemented their lead by iterating so quickly. This doesn't seem to be playing out with iPad in the same way. Surprising to me, frankly.
Depends how you define "performant". :) I don't really know enough to make a great argument but I consider that between AMD and Intel, AMD was first to commit to 64-bit and the first to say that clock speed wasn't the only consideration. Arguably they have other firsts (first to dedicated co-CPU for graphics, etc). But AMD is a fierce and creative competitor and Intel has always been big on raw power, IMO. I bet others here can add good stuff about AMD. Anyone?
Wishful thinking: just setting the stage for moving CPU supply orders to AMD.    I've always thought AMD was more creative. They don't have the muscle (cough, cough anti-competitive) power of Intel but they are innovative.
The thing I'm really impressed with is the nursing app. Allows Mom to start nursing while the baby is in the NICU.
Odd. It does seem like so much prior art. Like from desktop computers. On a mobile computer that's not really different. If there was something about the mechanics I might understand. There are unique and great touches in the UI -- the "handles" for selecting text, the fisheye lens for help when placing a cursor just so, for example -- but this seem peculiar. Edit: from the diagram in this article it may be that the "Blending Engine" is the mechanics for this patent....
  The Forbes link has the full text.
Maybe it's me but it sounds like a lot of these complaints about these measures (and the letter/apology) are political statements. If that's the case, why? Tim thinks it's valuable feedback and is adjusting the policy. It's news but not a WIN for China or individual Chinese people. It's not a FAIL for Apple. It's evolution and I don't see anything in those four bullet points that is a drawback.
Apparently the curating aspect isn't available for Android yet. You can view a "magazine" curated on iOS but not actually make one on Android for now.
Didn't even know about Alfred. Giving that a try right now but need to wait for the first index. I already like the CMD key shortcuts and visual prompts in Alfred. The configuration of QS definitely makes it even more obtuse than it needs to be.
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