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  There's no successor name to Metro. Any recent reviews that mentions that UI is still referring to Metro. The-UI-formerly-known-as-Metro hasn't caught on and I hope doesn't.
I don't know anything about financial analysis but even I know AAPL deserves a LOT more than 23 cents in the Fudge Factor category. I mean it went DOWN .2% (???!).  
I think ATT and Verizon's plans are diabolical. These shared plans are almost insultingly expensive. I know they have to get money to build an infrastructure that has insatiable demands but, wow. I wish there was some way to pool resources so that they weren't all building their own infrastructure. And to not allow FaceTime on it. The very occasional FaceTime user isn't what's using up the bandwidth.   But on that note, c'mon over to Sprint, folks. I love their rates...
That's really odd. If you're happy to buy from them you might just borrow someone else's computer for a few minutes. Or try at home. Or use a smartphone or even call on the phone. Of course, if you've bought from Apple already then MacMall's offer is too late for you but good for Apple (and you, you lucky dog).   Wish I could afford. Even with this additional discoun,t which works out to about 4%, it'll continue to be just an aspiration for me. On the other hand, I...
  As I understand it from reading other articles (not AI) copying is not illegal in some cases such as when you improve upon the previous. You've made something new but the original designer/manufacturer/etc can argue that it (fairly or unfairly) takes the original as the basis. Samsung and Apple both agree that there are two issues here, one influencing the other. Did they copy and did they infringe? Impressing this on the jury influences the juries views of the second...
Rumors were enough to cause sales to plummet last year at this time. It was measurable enough that Cook referred to it in their next quarterly financial report.
Why does Appleinsider Staff jump to the conclusion that this   There are other possible scenarios as noted in this thread already. Why does every change have to be a reflection of some tactical shot to beat the other guys, ie, Google? Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, of course, but speculation is being presented as news.   I've been following AI for years now. I love it. I do wish that we could have an editor who wants to take this site's profile to...
  This is horrible for parents with children who want to download every single free app. Corrected that for you. 
  Nice job indeed. Even if it's not explosive growth it's still very impressive.
Not sure Google's ever going to need to derive profit from hardware but it makes sense to at least have some margin. I wonder how much margin their Nexus Q will give them.
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