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Apparently the curating aspect isn't available for Android yet. You can view a "magazine" curated on iOS but not actually make one on Android for now.
Didn't even know about Alfred. Giving that a try right now but need to wait for the first index. I already like the CMD key shortcuts and visual prompts in Alfred. The configuration of QS definitely makes it even more obtuse than it needs to be.
QS such a great app. It takes some time to set up but it simply eliminates some steps that we're used to on a computer. Scale a photo, simple calculations, moving files around, launching apps - all just a couple of keystrokes. That's not saying it's going to get mainstream interest but that's not the measure of how amazing an app is. Spotlight is fine and has gotten better over the years. I even tried Google Quick Search for a while but it's astonishing how slow it...
Good points about comparison to cable. I am one of the grumblers and I stand corrected. I cut the cord a long, long time ago and when I do come back to "TV" it'll be via Hulu, NetFlix or Amazon Prime. The fact that I love Apple products makes me lean towards an Apple TV and the continual improvements do make a difference in my decision making.
I noticed that many, many more cities already have the outlines of 3D buildings. I've just checked Boston and Washington DC to confirm I didn't just imagine it.
"MaBook Pro" in the headline. "Ha ha." As Nelson would say.   Sorry. Just love spotting errors. And pointing them out.
  Thank you for a non-sensational, well reasoned response. That's a helpful tone for discussion.   And I like the points you make including the challenges of dual screen, lack of APIs, potential opportunities for Apple, etc.
Classic DED headline. So convoluted! Edit: and classic DED article. So convoluted. Let me say something nice - I appreciate DED's deep dives for product reviews. But this view of Apple, their strategy and their products as the center of the universe is exhausting. Makes for challenging reading. I understand that AI is an Apple-centric site but some people want to know what Sony is releasing. In contrast, this article is how Apple's strategy is correct and Sony is...
I hope the Exchange issue is resolved as well. Not going to point fingers here. Just want this to be fixed.   Apple says: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4532 Microsoft says: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2814847
The tyranny of the metrics. The funds needed to show overall high returns and how better to juice your averages but by selling the winners? Bummer for small investors who have their emotions tied up in watching the ups and downs but if you're a buy and hold investor you're not going to go wrong by sticking with the winners.
New Posts  All Forums: