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The title of the article is misleading. Take out the colon, substitute the word "speculates" and you're telling the truth. Also, who taught this woman to write? Her phrases are more couched, convoluted and ambiguous than a central bankers. I realize we're only reading very small snippets and her audience may appreciate her phrases but if I were paying for these reports I'd be asking her to farm it out to a copy editor.
Found it here. Your version isn't precise but more to the point. I'm going to use it from now on. Reminds me of what my stats prof told me "There are three kinds of liars: liars, damn liars and statisticians."
As an IT consultant to many smaller organizations (up to 200 staff) me and my peers always recommend the Extreme. It's our experience that it's the best of the consumer-class devices for range and reliability. For casual use - internal only, light security concerns, unmonitored - this is the solution we like to have. The next higher level for us is considered only if you need enterprise features like QoS to support VoIP, traffic monitoring, landing pages, VLANs, etc.
The stats do seem so meaningless. The graph at the Chrome story shows a different picture of mobile browsing. That graph does look at stats since 2008 but shows Opera still in the lead at the end of the year. I went to their very fascinating site and found that if you look Worldwide last year Opera did command the lead every month. Android took the second spot from iPhone in May and kept it until the end of the year. Anyway, I'm sure these stats will be...
The iPhone 4 was there before the 4S came out. At least it was there in the hours leading up the release of the 4S. I was waiting to order from Sprint and was thinking that there was going to be a mistaken rush on the iPhone 4.
Largest earnings blowout in the history of the world. Run while you can. Take cover. Happens right after closing bell. Go, go, go. [LOL. Wipes tears from eyes.] Seriously though, Andy Zaky has a good record. He posts his numbers before the call and I'm astonished that he's gotten so much closer than analysts with, ahem, less flair for the dramatic. I appreciate that his posts appear here but make sure to take a heaping measure of salt with any predictions. ("It is...
I doubt those patents are going to be "[let] free on a distant mountain road." WebOS is admirable on its own but the patent trove that came with it is deep.
Kinect-like? Too much avatars and games. We are creatives and this is a Mac. More like Theremin!
LOL. The two most complained about people here: DED and Balmer. Not sure which order.
The tile UX, IMO, works quite well on a phone. The Windows Phone interface is fresh and makes the IOS and Android grid of icons look pretty dull (don't even get me started about the clutter of widgets). But there's something about that sized device that seems to work. I'm not sure that it works for a desktop or even tablet sized environment though. The thing that drives me batty about Windows and a large part of what sent me to Mac OS is that with Windows you're always...
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