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Past performance is no guarantee of future results but it's gone up 50% in the last quarter and the trajectory looks good. At $609 today (whoops, $610) it continues to defy many, many expectations. I'm astonished at the disparity in PE multiples, too. Amazon earns almost 150 times earnings and hasn't ever been below 25 times earnings. AAPL is a little over 17 but their positive earnings surprises are consistent and astounding.
I was curious about this and assume others are as well. From Reuters: "The patent at issue relates to a computer graphics process that turns text and images into pixels to be displayed on screens." Dang. I'm still curious for more...
Please don't count them out yet.
"By submitting my email address I agree that Verizon may contact me via email about the information I've selected above." Man, I'm glad I read the fine print. I almost submitted my email. I'm looking forward to them letting me know about this but please stay out of my in-box.
Thank you for keeping the tone mature. Slander is too often taken personally and responders are too aggrieved. The initial comment isn't really worthy of a response but if there was to be a response you handled it very well.
I know it's hard to tell but that was sarcasm.
squeals of anticipation.
I assume that the short/medium term is covered by plans laid out by Steve Jobs. And there are a lot of places to innovate. Steve Jobs says all the supply chain control is due to Tim Cook. Being able to harness the best on the planet is certainly foundational to any design or product innovation. The best years are ahead. It's funny but the one constant under Steve Jobs is that Apple is 2-3 years ahead in any product innovation. That the products were so beautiful (well,...
It would be a natural fit for to have higher fidelity recordings available through iTunes. Streaming over the 'net, voice recordings, even gaming is going to be fine at these lower rates but musicians and audiences want more music in their music.
I understand that these analysts get paid a lot of money for their reports. Maybe that's why they feel obligated to write such obfuscated language. What the heck does this mean: "software attach rates for apps and media downloaded to the tablets would correlate inversely with the hardware price" There must be a plainer way to say this.
New Posts  All Forums: