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Kindle Paperwhite? Seems like they're inviting a not-so-friendly nickname...
For once politics isn't the source of this joke. (Except, of course, that it wouldn't be funny if it didn't have that primary meaning as related to political preference or views. Is it still funny if you have to explain it? We need a joke during this campaign season of madness. For that, Harbinger, you get a thumbs up. But only because there's no thumbs sideways.)
As fast as this is growing, the going continues to look strong - new products, potential for royalties, clearer picture (for now) of the competitive threat for, let's just call it, appropriated technologies from competitors. Just amazing. Anyone who says "I wish I bought when..." today will still be saying that in a year.
  I'm sure Apple would like to find a few more juries to do Samsung more favors like that. :)  Seriously though, if you look at the history, you'll see that Apple approached Samsung years ago. Samsung had a different view and the two companies decided to hash it out in court.   I won't comment on whether "Asia counties are a hot bed of creativity and individuality" but they had and continue to have every opportunity to to show it.
No mention of addressing the speculative battery issues makes me wonder if that was an issue after all. (There may well have been people experiencing some issues but it may have been indirectly related.) Also, a notably short list of fixes. It sounds like they just about nailed it on the initial release.
And I know people here love to hate on DigiTimes but if you're going to be following the tech industry and Apple, especially, you're going to want to follow as many sources as you can. This is the trade newspaper for suppliers and manufacturers based in Taiwan and working/assembling in China.   Their news is just that - news. A reporter reporting on news. There is spin and speculation and all sorts of stuff read into their stories. Honhai revenue up 5% this quarter....
Today I learned that "out of the Far East" means Digitimes. I've just learned to laugh when I read that phrase here at AI.
You click it and it launches Fusion, loads Windows and then starts IE. Leaving it in the dock makes it easier than doing those steps manually.
  There's no successor name to Metro. Any recent reviews that mentions that UI is still referring to Metro. The-UI-formerly-known-as-Metro hasn't caught on and I hope doesn't.
I don't know anything about financial analysis but even I know AAPL deserves a LOT more than 23 cents in the Fudge Factor category. I mean it went DOWN .2% (???!).  
New Posts  All Forums: