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Rumors were enough to cause sales to plummet last year at this time. It was measurable enough that Cook referred to it in their next quarterly financial report.
Why does Appleinsider Staff jump to the conclusion that this   There are other possible scenarios as noted in this thread already. Why does every change have to be a reflection of some tactical shot to beat the other guys, ie, Google? Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, of course, but speculation is being presented as news.   I've been following AI for years now. I love it. I do wish that we could have an editor who wants to take this site's profile to...
  This is horrible for parents with children who want to download every single free app. Corrected that for you. 
  Nice job indeed. Even if it's not explosive growth it's still very impressive.
Not sure Google's ever going to need to derive profit from hardware but it makes sense to at least have some margin. I wonder how much margin their Nexus Q will give them.
Just downloaded Google Drive. This is going to be awesome. I can view a doc quickly or open it in Safari to do (minor) edits. This is really, really awesome. I can't wait for Chrome. I use it on a few Windows and Mac computers and I like how I can stop in one place and pick up in another with little disruption.
  I wasn't making predictions. Nor am I saying that their record is predict the future. Everyone is allowed to read the past how they want (as long as they don't ignore facts).   Separate point though - they're releasing this to a lot of anticipation. I'm sure it will sell to more than just the diehard enthusiast. Will it reach mainstream success? How well it sells - there's too much of a rush to predict that in this forum. Success or failure is rarely so clear based on a...
Microsoft hasn't released a tablet that's successful in the mainstream yet which I'd argue Apple has roundly done. I'm not saying they can't but that's a pattern - of misses and efforts that never saw the light of day. The Surface looks slick but there are as many reasons to be predict success as failure. I think Ballmer is smart to minimize the expectations.
"Fragmentation" here is referring to the number of active smartphones on a particular platform running different OS versions. And platform is a proxy for and is being conflated with actual features. iOS 6 will support all actively sold mobile devices and likely be quickly installed. The features, however, will not be available on all devices. That VIP and flagged mail and Offline Reading List won't work on 3GS is peculiar. HTH.  
What is it with people calling devices obsolete when they're actively being sold? Very condescending, IMO. This answer is frequently accompanied by the arguments that people should simply buy the latest that the company offers if they want the newest features.   Is it that much to expect that a company support their current offerings? Apple (any company for that matter) should make it clear what the support guidelines are. Wouldn't it be odd if, for example, Mountain Lion...
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