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Wow - bitter? Thanks for the tip. :)
23%? Sounds inflated to me. Color me skeptical. I can understand that an Apple-centric site wouldn't have details on that. Going to have to read something for more in depth info. Wonder where...
I'm not reading anywhere here that it's a Safari-only limit. It sounds to me like OS level. I think this is File Quarantine, aka XProtect, which blocks things from running no matter what method is used to launch something. And it's just Java, not all plug-ins. When there's a known vulnerability, is it reasonable to just stand by when you have the tools to immediately take some action?
Not Apple's style (to allow workarounds). Not judging whether that's good or bad. As an individual user I'd like the option but as an IT administrator responsible for Windows computers I see the challenges everyday of trying to walk people through workarounds and then fixes for their workarounds.
I used to have an Android device. Man, that was unreliable. I was astonished by the poor battery life but didn't have a good comparison. Now I know it was weak to begin with. And build quality. Android phone owners I know like to point out the best about their gadget. There's a lot to love, really, but then, they're like, oh, yeah, can't upgrade to the latest. Only such and such cores. No custom ROM for my device to accomodate this or that from my carrier. Blah, blah. A...
  Odd comment. What does "all over the shop mean" and why does this make you glad to switch to Android? Because they have such a singular focus, I guess.    This report is nice fodder for speculation but it's all a little loose and based on speculation of what we think is the release cycle and then tatters of comments from suppliers... There's no official release cycle and we've only accepted some particular rough dates by connecting dots of previous releases.   iPhone...
C'mon, Apple, please bring out your best. I've used Safari very little since Chrome came out for iOS. The Gmail app is really sophisticated and makes the Mail app in iOS look as aged as a POP3 client. I miss the ease of managing podcasts with native apps. I appreciate Cards, Notes, Voice Memos but I really don't use those. My most-used native apps are Photos and Calendar but there are some attractive competitors. The competitors, cough, Google, has put out some really...
How on earth does someone spend 1 billion and think they can get away with it. I understand a few more shares. Maybe even pushing 10% more. But a factor of 1000x? That can't possibly... Wow.
+ warranty, support, keyboard?
In other news, Purported iPad mini expected to run iOS. But seriously, I would assume that the "mini" would take design cues from the original rather than be a leader in aspect ratio changes.
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