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Originally "end customer affinity toward Apple's optimized products continues to intensify." Translation "the love for Apple's great products is still really growing."   But maybe they're getting paid by the word syllable.   PS. Man, what is it with the background color of my reply? I had to edit the code to remove the highlight...
BB is still strong if they consider simply their secured infrastructure and low bandwidth requirements. While the carriers keep promising the swiss cheese LTE platform Blackberry has been operating really well back in the 2G days. I'd be pushing that if I were them. And their carrier relationships. So much of the BES infrastructure depends on that. It's likely too late for that but even a couple of years ago this could have been important leverage. One thing crippling...
Really? It would only be a worthwhile pump and dump if the stock were going to go back down. Well, it will go down again. It won't be a straight line up but you're going to have to get some good timing to play that game with AAPL. The recent target increases are good news for AAPL holders indeed but there's really no evidence that the motivation is for profit on a quick turnaround.
Well, today is a good day. I learned something new.
Every municipality wants to fight for the jobs even if it means knee capping yourself on other things. The problem with being a good corporate citizen and paying this fee is that it's inconsistent with the mission to realize shareholder value. /philosophize ON. I mean, we all want a high stock value. Until we want good citizenship. We all want cheap products. Until we want better working conditions. It's good to be aware of these tensions. The choices we make at each...
$1001 is funny though. Sounds more like a Price is Right bid. I'm guessing this prediction contains a bit of showmanship.
Past performance is no guarantee of future results but it's gone up 50% in the last quarter and the trajectory looks good. At $609 today (whoops, $610) it continues to defy many, many expectations. I'm astonished at the disparity in PE multiples, too. Amazon earns almost 150 times earnings and hasn't ever been below 25 times earnings. AAPL is a little over 17 but their positive earnings surprises are consistent and astounding.
I was curious about this and assume others are as well. From Reuters: "The patent at issue relates to a computer graphics process that turns text and images into pixels to be displayed on screens." Dang. I'm still curious for more...
Please don't count them out yet.
"By submitting my email address I agree that Verizon may contact me via email about the information I've selected above." Man, I'm glad I read the fine print. I almost submitted my email. I'm looking forward to them letting me know about this but please stay out of my in-box.
New Posts  All Forums: