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  That would be interesting. Any source? I've read the opposite. 
  Oh, that's not news to me. They've also licensed data from Tom Tom (who is distancing themselves from this debacle). The way I see it, this is Apple's app and is at version 1. I'm very impressed with this initial release but it clearly has a lot of room for improvement.
Or economics. I wonder how much Apple has had to pay Google for these last five years of lookups. It's interesting to me that they never tried to allow turn-by-turn from Google. I assume this is a decision made years ago and someone had to make the call to dump Google Maps and go with this built-in approach. Google has had a serious head start but at some point Apple had to introduce this. It may have been messy to do this later. I can't imagine this will be "fixed",...
The leaks are inevitable. Makes me miss Jobs. Apple products are great no matter what but the mystery around the launches really made them fun and special. Very odd to admit but I'm going to miss that if they can't get a handle on these leaks. I seem to remember Jobs had severe consequences for leakers but from the complete lack of surprises with iPhone 5 I have to believe it's getting harder and harder to keep a leash on vendors, partners, collaborators. (The only real...
0_o  Not quite sure if this is a troll comment. What you're saying is that Apple should geo-locate IPs to help with staggering the order times? I anticipate that trying to handle that would lead to a lot of complaints. (Or do you have a proposal for how this might be handled?)
  Seriously. Can't wait for that.
AI has no Live Blog this time?  :(
Noreen Krall, Sun's former chief counsel, is now Senior Director of IP Law and Litigation at Apple Inc. In the past, she worked as Staff Attorney, IP Law at IBM and Associate Attorney, IP Law at Beaton and Folsom, LLP. Noreen Krall’s specialties are IP, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Licensing, Litigation, Open Source, and Standard Setting Organizations.   April 8, 2010 at http://news.softpedia.com/news/Apple-Hires-Expert-in-Patent-Fights-139390.shtml
History changing stuff. I'm glad she's getting her name out there for all the hard work she's doing. And she sounds like a great boss to work for in thanking her workers before the outcome is known.   [Nice comments only please. Real men treat women with dignity and respect. Contrast comments here with profiles on Craig Federighi & Dan Riccio.]
"Imminent." He's stirring the masses to a feverish pitch with this talk. Citing information derived from Apple's online store doesn't add any more evidence.   I'm breathlessly waiting with card in hand ("SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!") but this is just cruel to say that this is news.
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