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"MaBook Pro" in the headline. "Ha ha." As Nelson would say.   Sorry. Just love spotting errors. And pointing them out.
  Thank you for a non-sensational, well reasoned response. That's a helpful tone for discussion.   And I like the points you make including the challenges of dual screen, lack of APIs, potential opportunities for Apple, etc.
Classic DED headline. So convoluted! Edit: and classic DED article. So convoluted. Let me say something nice - I appreciate DED's deep dives for product reviews. But this view of Apple, their strategy and their products as the center of the universe is exhausting. Makes for challenging reading. I understand that AI is an Apple-centric site but some people want to know what Sony is releasing. In contrast, this article is how Apple's strategy is correct and Sony is...
I hope the Exchange issue is resolved as well. Not going to point fingers here. Just want this to be fixed.   Apple says: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4532 Microsoft says: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2814847
The tyranny of the metrics. The funds needed to show overall high returns and how better to juice your averages but by selling the winners? Bummer for small investors who have their emotions tied up in watching the ups and downs but if you're a buy and hold investor you're not going to go wrong by sticking with the winners.
Wow - bitter? Thanks for the tip. :)
23%? Sounds inflated to me. Color me skeptical. I can understand that an Apple-centric site wouldn't have details on that. Going to have to read something for more in depth info. Wonder where...
I'm not reading anywhere here that it's a Safari-only limit. It sounds to me like OS level. I think this is File Quarantine, aka XProtect, which blocks things from running no matter what method is used to launch something. And it's just Java, not all plug-ins. When there's a known vulnerability, is it reasonable to just stand by when you have the tools to immediately take some action?
Not Apple's style (to allow workarounds). Not judging whether that's good or bad. As an individual user I'd like the option but as an IT administrator responsible for Windows computers I see the challenges everyday of trying to walk people through workarounds and then fixes for their workarounds.
I used to have an Android device. Man, that was unreliable. I was astonished by the poor battery life but didn't have a good comparison. Now I know it was weak to begin with. And build quality. Android phone owners I know like to point out the best about their gadget. There's a lot to love, really, but then, they're like, oh, yeah, can't upgrade to the latest. Only such and such cores. No custom ROM for my device to accomodate this or that from my carrier. Blah, blah. A...
New Posts  All Forums: