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I'm not surprised - iPads are the best. I also think iPhones are better in a head-to-head with any phone made for Android. (Bet I'm not the only one here to think that!) This recommendation is warranted but I'm really amazed that an Android fan site would state that.   That said, I bet DED just jizzed his pants when he saw that! This is just the latest point in the phanboi rivalry between two great platforms.
Today was rough for major indexes. Not sure this is actually true but as an observer and small-time stakeholder, AAPL seems to move in the direction of the market overall but the swing in both directions more severe.
This is great and all but I hope we don't get a  Breaking  report every time we get an uptick in the stock price.
Still really astonishing to think that one company can command 86% of the profits in any area. It was mind boggling when it was just two companies but this...there can't be many precedents to this.
I'm proposing a new game: guess the author by reading the headline. I scored a point on this one!
 All ideas are welcome, right? You should buy a few shares of Apple stock and go to the shareholder meeting and make that proposal. I'd probably vote no with my 20 shares though. :)
Getting people to use MS Office is a win. iOS is a leader and developers have a more consistent device to put their products on. IMO, this says more about the success about the iOS platform than the limited market share of the WinMo devices.
And CurrentC was sitting in the corner comparing themselves to the iPhone.
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