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 I see that the recall instructions state that "Once your Fitbit Force is returned and confirmed affected, a reimbursement check will be issued and sent directly to you within 2-6 weeks after receipt of the affected product."  Wonder how they'll know if it's one of the items affected. And why some would be affected and not others. Maybe they're onto something there. The speculation of nickel content makes sense.
 The grammar police were here. 
I've never really understood this. I may be a simpleton but I don't think "it doesn't 'multitask'" isn't a compelling distraction. As in this example, can I really read an email (or compose/respond) while watching a movie on the same screen. Well, you'll miss part of the movie image and not really be paying attention to both at the same time. If I was watching with someone I don't think they'd appreciate it either. Please don't call it "multi-tasking".
All the negative numbers together don't add up to 19% so the explanation of 119% is still confusing. It seems to me the table says one thing then the author of the article says another. I don't have any reason to believe the table was manipulated but I'm also having trouble understanding how the author misread the numbers.    ps. It's entirely possible that I'm misreading the table but the article certainly doesn't help me understand how to arrive at 87.4%.
Not "a report out of the Far East" but "Korea". Nice going. Looks like someone just got a map.   
 Maybe it is in the linked article but it's behind a paywall.
 By "unbelievable" do you mean you found it good or horrible?
I guess Clippy and Bob never worked out. Let's try out a different assistant each decade. lol
Won't this muddy the app market?
 I hope you were kidding. Cause if you were then haha. I don't think that a policy of hiding the truth fosters good governance. What they do in their personal lives should be safe from prying but what they do in their official capacity benefits from being shown.   It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry. ~ Thomas Paine Edit: adding a note that I do get it if it's just a (poor) joke.
New Posts  All Forums: