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 Ack - can't imagine this would be a comfortable conversation to have before dropping that much money. (A laptop or desktop isn't a quick purchase.) "Let's see, so what you're saying is that I can save a few bucks and buy this new MBA with Apple's chip and use it for 14/16/18 hours or stick with the Intel and use all my existing software? Hmmm, I think I'm going to have to consider this a little longer. OK, well, since I'm here maybe I'll pick up a couple of iTunes cards...
I can understand that these chips are going to become more powerful. I can't see Apple adding an option for you to choose which line of CPU to include in your Mac. That really isn't a decision that would occur during a typical computer purchase. I think most people are comfortable selecting based on speed and price but add even a few other factors and this gets complicated quickly. If you're standing in the store or looking at the customization page at apple.com you're...
 I just learned something new today which made me think of my previous observation. I ran across the mathematical tool to track whether my hunch about tracking was true or not. According to the stock correlation calculator, in the last year it does match about 90% or 93% of the time compared to NASDAQ and S&P 500 (DJI doesn't seem to be working).
DED needs to learn to write a title. These could be summaries, bullet points, even tweets, but are simply too contorted, contentious and convoluted to be headlines. You're making them work too hard, DED! Those headlines -- I can spot one of your articles simply by reading those click-bait, awkward hulks. (The follow-up op-eds are also reliably fan-boish but there's loads of good info buried in there for those willing to take the time to read it. Edit: loads of good info...
Since we're quoting wikipedia:   Steal: the illegal act of taking another person's property without that person's freely-given consent. Theft is the taking of another person's property without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.   You're simply engaging in misdirection to say, well, yeah, I took it but, hey, look over there - it's still there. Or you can dress it up by saying "copyright infringement" or "industrial...
  In before after the fighting starts. I would just like to note that setting worldwide prices can't be simple. These comments that follow could be an opportunity to share proposals for how a multi-national like Apple might handle things. Price/exchange stability is in the interest of consumers but in a changing world, how can this ever remain. Price rises are going to make people upset. What's better is to understand why it's happening so you're better prepared next time.
 I like that analogy very much.
 Yes. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assets_owned_by_Disney#Marvel_Entertainment
Does that mean download an app, don't like it and you can request a refund? Also, "Digital goods are explicitly exempted from those regulations, however, likely signaling that Apple's move is a voluntary one." I'm probably missing something in here but everything is delivered digitally from the app store.
Wow, wow. Thanks for the screenshot, Xian. I stand corrected. That's the first time I've heard/seen Microsoft bold enough to claim that. Of course, there is some careful terminology that any AI reader would be able to see through. This is more like "you don't need to buy it cause we'll give it to you" not "oh, you don't really need it." And while it is true any computer can get malware, Mac OS X is still years ahead of Windows.
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