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 I hope you were kidding. Cause if you were then haha. I don't think that a policy of hiding the truth fosters good governance. What they do in their personal lives should be safe from prying but what they do in their official capacity benefits from being shown.   It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry. ~ Thomas Paine Edit: adding a note that I do get it if it's just a (poor) joke.
Cringe-worthy photo. Smug blowing a kiss at a phone?!? But, man, I'm popping some popcorn and getting ready to watch this fight. Go get 'em ATT. Go for it "un-carrier". http://www.att.com/att/switcherpromo/#fbid=tW0dluAJBSW
LOL. Love that they retain the flashlight button for the control center.
 Got it. That makes sense. It would be a nice feature. I just think it might prove distracting. Someone might want to receive calls or go so far as ditching a traditional phone altogether. Apple may need to be ready for that. Even Skype has the Skype-In as an a la carte feature. Anyway, discussion of the details aside, if Apple tackled it you know it would be done right.
 Sounds good in practice but the suggestion makes me cringe because it's really not straightforward. Apple users would have to get a new phone number as well. There was only one Grandcentral and Google bought them. I'm not sure Apple would want to start from scratch on something like this.
Poor project management. I would be careful to cast stones. It's not obvious -- from this article at least -- that an iPad rollout wouldn't have fared as poorly. [edit to add that iPads may or may not have succeeded in this project but won't even be considered now] If anything, AI readers should be gloomy that a migration from paper books to electronic version does poorly. If any conversion initiative succeeds we'll have some good basis for comparing how an iPad would...
 What were you thinking Bergermeister???? PMZ says you simply don't know enough to have issssuuuu333ssess!!!!11!!!11
 I could not agree with you more. It's baseless speculation -- and a little insulting -- that it'll be separated for genders. That's simply not helpful at all.
Wha?        \_O_/                     Maybe meant to respond to different article?
 Are you reading this article to claim that Apple adds markup on all products to hit 50%? There is no reference backing up that claim of 15% better margins. I'd sure be interested in how it would have happened if it did. I'm taking that number in the article with a grain of salt.  
New Posts  All Forums: