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 There is at least one thing that you could simulate where you could wind up in jail (and I'd be cheering it all the way). I like that there's a thick dark line between what's legal and illegal for some of these things. Most of the other things are probably just going to cause you trouble as well as piss off and waste the time of those charged with keeping order. And FYI - there's very foul language in this game. You might argue it's because there are some crass characters...
I do like it as simple as it is. It immediately reminded me of a crass version of lemonade stand - balancing creating supply with a few risks.
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Oh, well. I'm sorry to say but I wish Apple had been first with this. There's just so much potential in their native apps such as Find Friends. If they can make it more social it might be more interesting. Even Jobs' demo was all about the social ad hoc events. I'm puzzled about the (apparent) lack of attention they're giving to them.
  No need to get too serious, people. Nothing but an analyst's wide-eyed speculations. It really should be thought of as alternate reality fan fiction for institutional investors.
 With such a sliver information this is just speculation. (Really, this is more like a hint of a sliver of information.) Even with a lot more information it would probably still be speculation.
 Agreed. Link is only to a report about a review. He defends each of the charges against the iPhone and, well, who really knows what the truth is about Sammie, amiright!?
Designing next-gen of iPhone using Windows XP? Makes it hard to believe.
 I get what you're saying but you're probably not in the right line of work if that's frustrating to you. I do this all day long and am very happy about it. Gives me a chance to practice speaking many dialects ranging from English to tech-ese. Those who need a little more help I just repeat what I need them to do and then simply give them a few seconds of silence. Give them a moment to get on the same page as you. I mean, they're all productive adults who want to see the...
Odd that ATT would want them. The point about "complementary" bands seems credible but, really, this doesn't extend their footprint directly. It's a different network so they're really operating two sets of bands now.   Sounds like they're pulling a Sprint. Those folks are well known for disappointing investors and customers alike with their purchase of incompatible networks. Now Cricket customers can get used to several years of a possibly bumpy roadmap.   Anyway,...
New Posts  All Forums: