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 NM. I just went and those are there now.
I just installed iOS 8 and went to look for the new keyboards. Searching for "Swype" or "Swype Nuance" and Swift or "SwiftKey" or "SwiftKey Keyboard" is not helpful. The result is for items that aren't made by Nuance or SwiftKey. That's bad news and is going to give the legit keyboards a bad reputation.
 Aha. I see this link but I had to use Chrome with no extensions and not signing in. Awful.     [[SPOILER]]
 ...let Android have the high end market......let Android have the high end market...??? ...I hope Apple will aim on having the best devices... Someone trolling?
 We don't know how people got to each of the celebrities' accounts and maybe there are multiple methods in this particular case. Having good computer-user habits is important but that means understanding all the attack vectors. And there's no one who knows it all. It's not useful to simply blame the victim.  I think the analogy with the physical home is helpful to simplify the discussion but that's only going to go so far. Go ahead and put on the new lock and get a gun....
Nice work there with "When I step back from this terrible scenario that happened and say what more could we have done..." Others need to answer this question as well. That's the important one here.   While there has been speculation of brute force against Find my iPhone that's not proven yet. Is there a reasonable way to block social engineering, password guesses, phishing, etc? It seems like what happened over the weekend has been a long time coming by a lot of people...
I wish someone would publish a reference/standard rather than a patent. How about the good olde days of the RFC.
The pie is growing and just looking at unit sales Apple's total is growing as well. That's always a positive.
 Definitely appreciate seeing this great passage pop up on this thread but not sure why. Username suddenly appropriate. :)
 +1 all caps. They can hear you much better if you shout. I see you only added two exclamation points. You really should consider a few more.  I do agree with your point tho. I haven't found the perfect app yet but I do prefer Instacast.
New Posts  All Forums: