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Ugh. So addicting. I played Tiny Tower for way too long. Cheats make it fun with less agony of waiting.
"then kicks the living $#&% out of it." Yech. Certainly not as poetic as "here's to the crazy ones."
 64 bits is a good balance. If the iPad Air had a 65 or 66-bit processor it would add even more weight. I'm glad they didn't include the any large graphics files either. Once you load a couple books on the Kindle, wow man, sack of rocks. Let's do a real comparison here.
I have some in-laws who have barely moved their icons around. They love their iPhones and PhotoStream, FaceTime, browsing, calling of course, customizing their wallpaper. They love their 4s phones and share an iPad but they're wary of updating cuz, well, iOS 6 works just fine. And it does. I may tell them about automatic app updates, new sounds, Control Center at some point and I'm sure they'll be happy to update then.
I had not expected that Apple would give away iWork. Guess they're not getting enough traction on selling it. I see it in iCloud and haven't given it much of a spin yet. But it makes sense. Now is a good opportunity to take advantage of Microsoft's lumbering steps into the tablet world that already exists. It just showcases how far ahead the iOS ecosystem remains. Microsoft Office isn't dominant because it's the best. It's because they're great at licensing and catering...
Sounds like this is more important politically than for Apple or Samsung's bottom line. Some cheers from this side saying that justice prevails and some jeers from that side saying that the treatment is unfair. Personally I'm glad that this drama doesn't tip the sides too much.
Shrine of Apple. 0_0  Bravo, sir.
That's some life-changing amount of money right there. I can't even imagine what they could do but fortunately there are some smart people in charge over there in Cupertino. This could transform the company. Buying a carrier is one idea that's been mentioned on AI that makes sense and is horrendous at the same time. Bring Elon Musk on board, heck, Dean Kamen as well, and fund some real "think different" ideas and do some real transformational stuff.   Edit: Ray Ozzie,...
 I wasn't so sure of that so tried to do some confirmation. Wikipedia contradicts what you're stating about those being owned by Sprint. They're not even partially owned by them. Sprint has dipped their toes into the market but I believe they no longer have pre-paid offerings. I've been doing the math on this.
I'm scratching my head at why this and the Virgin Mobile story are news. I mean, whether or not they announced this, just go ahead and buy a Sprint phone and a Boost plan. Or VM, Boost, Kajeet, PlatinumTel,... All this really means, I think, Boost will also participate in advertising the product and their support staff will be fully trained on the iPhone. I'm welcoming corrections here...
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