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   LOL! Yeah. I'm just trolling. I know the temperature changes in here depending on the quoted analysts. It's like sports teams. There are people concerned with keeping score. I get it. I see these quotes and grab the bowl of popcorn.
Wait - do we care about Wall St opinion or not? I get confused in the head. Sometimes we don't and rail against their pronouncements. But today we do! Stop playing with my emotions AI.
whoosh [the sound the stock passing the targets set by the analysts]
Their FAQ does make it sound intriguing. Even better than this article make it sound. But I'm not carrying this around with me everywhere so it's going to miss a lot. And if drinking is where you get all your calories then you probably don't have money for this. hahahaha
OK. I'm sick of "smart" devices. Why do I need this? Harumph. You kids get off my lawn.
Wow. That's going to sting a bit. Add that to whatever large fraction of this amount already spent litigating. I think it's great there are laws for capitalists. They don't have to like the laws but they can't feign ignorance of them. Intel's culture isn't going to change. They've defined "marketing" on their own. What they call sales strategies or incentives others call manipulation and coersion (threats).
Going to be fun watching the price whoosh right by this target. There's a lot driven by fundamentals but clearly a lot of valuation is due to sentiment and speculation. How else to arrive at 563 P/E ratio for Amazon with no profits and 16 for Apple with gobs of it?   Apple's split and dividends and buybacks are, on the one hand, simple machinations to goose the stock price but on the other hand makes sense from company value standpoint. It's a good use of cash. That it...
Serving up some hearsay by paraphrasing "former Apple employees"and "the mid-level worker" and "according to the source, other managers". These are things that "one person said".     Nothing to see here folks. Just some click-bait. Move right along. 
I'm astonished that people complain about little change. The pace has been remarkable. The technical moves are important however it serves the end-user experience. There are so many little changes that all add up to a fantastic whole. The search always seemed a little lost over there in the corner. Integration with iOS is huge: Continuity, Handoff, AirDrop, Cloud iDrive, SMS, phone integration. But iOS isn't the whole story. The platform is.   Not to beat on someone...
New Posts  All Forums: