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Serving up some hearsay by paraphrasing "former Apple employees"and "the mid-level worker" and "according to the source, other managers". These are things that "one person said".     Nothing to see here folks. Just some click-bait. Move right along. 
I'm astonished that people complain about little change. The pace has been remarkable. The technical moves are important however it serves the end-user experience. There are so many little changes that all add up to a fantastic whole. The search always seemed a little lost over there in the corner. Integration with iOS is huge: Continuity, Handoff, AirDrop, Cloud iDrive, SMS, phone integration. But iOS isn't the whole story. The platform is.   Not to beat on someone...
Pricing please!   I wonder if they'll consolidate paying for subscription services. iCloud Drive & Beats/iTunes together. Something like what Amazon has done by bundling so much under one offering. More importantly, bundling it all under one easy-to-understand annual cost. ("iPrime!")   Update: I see pricing was announced. I have yet to view the whole keynote.
Apple is really doing it correctly. They're adding on great functionality without upheavals. I like the big new search box.   *Compare that to Win 8 zig azg and trying to recover from that.
I was out of AAPL for a little while so wanted to hold a few more again. I just bought three shares cause I want to own 21 in a few weeks.  Yeah, if it does go to $700 the return will put me somewhere north of ecstatic.   Free drinks for everyone here if that happens within one year. 
First and only Windows Windows App. A bit dramatic. :/ I don't know why but I just thought about Microsoft throwing Apple a lifeline by launching MS Office for the Mac.
 Funny thing that this article has caused so much self-reflection. I think that's a good thing. People are concerned about this because of the larger thing that it might be saying. I thought more about my own comment and trying to understand why I might be uncomfortable. Apps seem so personal but if we compare them to books, movies, other *public* forms of expression then I think we need to use similar standards. I think it comes down to how you view an app. Is it a...
 There is at least one thing that you could simulate where you could wind up in jail (and I'd be cheering it all the way). I like that there's a thick dark line between what's legal and illegal for some of these things. Most of the other things are probably just going to cause you trouble as well as piss off and waste the time of those charged with keeping order. And FYI - there's very foul language in this game. You might argue it's because there are some crass characters...
I do like it as simple as it is. It immediately reminded me of a crass version of lemonade stand - balancing creating supply with a few risks.
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