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How do we know these aren't for iPods? I bet this was mentioned before but I can't remember.
Oops - that's what I meant. Could have looked at my iPhone before typing that.  But you knew what I meant. Pics are from a prototype for a knock off would be my guess.
Can't be actual products. They don't say "Made in California".
Mail evolves. That's nice. The current mailbox app feels like a dated POP client. I'm glad the current one has the swipe to delete but it needs more. Other nice features might be Open In -> Calendar or Notes or something. Right now if I want a message to interact with another app I have to copy the text but that leaves out sender info and other helpful context.
This is Microsoft's game to lose. They do have a compelling ecosystem, have great support, and develop good programs to train armies of support techs/engineers. They stumble but recover. Their migration to Office 365 and Azure are widely praised.    Few individuals have to buy Windows directly and most will just use what comes on their new PCs or what the IT department gives them. (Even if they bring their own they're likely logging onto a Windows network or...
This is the first time that hardware is included in a discount program. Charity and Donation programs have always existed for phenomenal pricing for non-profits. Cynical me says they're unloading in whatever channel they can. Beware 1st gen buyers. I do believe this will improve and there is a use case for Windows in education obviously but I know that early Surface adopters will be burned.
"display has one vertical connector and one horizontal" Amazing. Such innovation. Before you know it Samesung is going to go with one vertical and one horizontal connector. Can't wait... This thing's going to be hoT!
  Nothing to talk about here. Might as well comment on the grammar and word choices. 
"As aforesaid". I applaud the awkwardness of this. Is there a new intern? Hello new intern. Also, if it's really aforesaid you can leave it out. Thanks for posting screenshots. I had not seen this before. I'm looking forward to seeing this on my iPad2 if it'll take the upgrade.
New Posts  All Forums: