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The argument about Qualcomm chips being used in Samsung in North America is uninformed - they are used because Qualcomm has a monopoly on the cellular baseband chips required for several of the carriers in North America, and it is better power to use Qualcomm's all-in-one than to use Qualcomm's baseband only chip with Samsung's Exynos. Several companies have done this, including Samsung's S3, so nothing new to see here.
Upon visiting the Archives page, today, January 1st 2013, there are no archives. It says 2013 and nothing below it.   How does one get to the 2012 archives? It appears that the Archives are broken.   http://appleinsider.com/archives/     Also, these new forums are horribly narrow...they only cover 1/3rd of the width of my screen :(
This has been around for decades. Every single icon on every single GUI-based computer going back to the very first icon pulls an "image" from "one or more computer files." Every single GUI interface used icons going back to the original GUIs developed by Xerox PARC done in the early 1970's. That is over 35 years of icons that do exactly what the quote indicates they patented (I have not looked at the actual patent). From that description, there is absolutely no basis for...
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