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Having jHaving just started to use Health app, and having decided I want a watch this is exactly what I want to know. How does the watche's fitness tracking capability interact with Health. My guess will be not very well in v1 but better over time.
Hello all   I have a NetGear Wifi box (from 2007 so probably a g protocol only)  and recenly purchased an Airplay Speaker (Pure).  I have found that the speaker drops connection frequently and I am wondering whether I should seek to fix this by buying an Airport Extreme.  What are the chances that the Airport Extreme will work better than the NetGear when operating AirPlay because it is Apple hardware. I imagine fairly remote but thought I would ask.  I notice that...
I have always wanted exactly what websites people who have flash enabled phones are visiting. When I got an iPhone in 2008 perhaps 5% of websites I visited had flash, when i got an iPad in 2010 it was 1% and now I can't remember the last time I came across a website which required flash. Just what are they looking at? May be it is because I don't play web based games.
I am now fairly confident that Facebook will soon be on the way out. It feels very out dated and is mostly playing catch up with smarter rivals than genuinely innovating.  They may be smart enough to pull something out of th bag and sustain themselves over the long haul but for the moment I see it as the Yahoo of the future: used a lot and profitable but on a slow course to being history.   I am very excited by the Maps and the Siri enhancements, although being UK...
This would be business income and so taxable.\
There are still too many of us toiling away with Lotus Notes: Outlook may be bad but it is not as bad as Notes!
The suggestion on this thread is Ballmer and other top management at MSFT would need to leave before it can turn itself around. I would tend to disagree: good leaders rarely make bad companies good and bad leaders rarely make good companies bad. In my view organisational cultures are the primary internal reason for success or failure at companies and the world of business is littered with leaders who were unable to change the culture of organisations as large as...
My experience of the British is that they are rather proud of the US, considering it to be one of their more succesful IPOs. Also the American spelling is in fact the original English spelling.
I understand that there are some people who actively like using Google products (outside of their search site), ie they go out of their way to use Google product because of their perception of the quality. Maybe these are the people who would want to use this service over iTunes or Amazon.
Ummh......... He does not/has never owned The Star (of London I assume), The Daily Mirror, the Daily Telegraph. Furthermore, The Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times are not tabloids.
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