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To replace my laptop with a more convenient mobile computing device. Oh and also to run my international drug running and money laundering business: www.launderitnow.com I have found it perfect for this but am waiting for someone to do an app that will allow me to order AK47s and dispatch via FedEX
To try and merge the two topics on this thread, the actual topic and the trolling topic: one reason I like my iPhones is because with Apple: I am the customer. With Android, with HTC, with Motorola: someone else is the customer, not me. That's why Apple has made this move: we are the customers and this move will create a better experience for us. The poor developers who are inconvenienced by this just are not the customer. This sounds harsh and I actually have a...
Went to the TNT depot in Yate, South Gloucs first thing to pick mine up today as it was delivered yesterday when I was not at home. Even the lady in the deli I go to for breakfast wanted to see and hold it. Have to say I can't quite articulate how aesthetically pleasing it is to look at and use. Ignore what it can do it is just a visual delight (for a piece of tech kit) to have. Personally I didn't like Stephen Fry's pet analogy (although I understood what he was...
If he were on Titanic he would say: don't worry, just switch off the engines and switch them on again and everything will be okay. Okay.... I know it's an old joke but they are the best (sometimes)
Indeed my cheek was bulging, partly because I had tried to swallow a Dell Streak which is a joke from another thread
I have to say you do look very unwell. I would recommend you take Friday off to recover
Why has noone spotted the most critical piece of information in this news story: teh one that proves that the iPad is a failure? How come Mercedes were able to get hold of 40 iPads when you are limited to two and they have supposedly sold out within CONUS? It is obvious that the stories about iPad sales are all lies, there is in fact a huge surplus of the product and Mercedes were able to put 40 as a job lot for say $50 a piece. Actually this story does get me...
I was amused to see a huge display ad at London City Airport (airside) yesterday announcing that the iPad was available in the airport's technology store ahead of the main UK release. Small print at the bottom said that the availability of the iPad was "subject to availability" I presume Heathrow did something similar
There is a good chance that Android will become the Windows of the mobile computing world and the long term battle will be between Apple and the iPhone OS and Android with its multiple hardware suppliers. Given that Apple has chosen to push out one iPhone a year and keep only two models on sale at any time we will find that there are always more powerful higher speced Android phones when compared to the iPhones available. This will eat into iPhone's market as tech heads...
i actually don't want my now "shipped" iPad to get here before 28 May. I am a weekly commuter and have arranged to flyback on Thursday night to be here when it arrives. Don't want TNT sending it back to Apple before I get my hands on it! I am though probably in a minority on this.
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