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Did you try booting from the HD like what Mr.H suggests? This will boot your iMac to exactly your MBP. I'm not sure why your user folder is missing but you can try a recovery program to retrieve your files? As for the old MBP, if you know it's the logic board that's broken, you can get just get a replacement for that. I'm not sure exactly which one you have but here's a sample from iFixit: http://www.ifixit.com/MacBook-Parts/...oard/IF187-003 They also post...
If it's used, shouldn't be activated already? If not, the only way you can activate it is with an ATT sim or an address book sim (don't use this option if you eventually want FaceTime to work) You're buying the phone yourself, they wouldn't even know you're using an iPhone 4. I sorta did the same, bought an iP4, activated with address book SIM and trimmed my PREPAID sim card to microsim.
My FaceTime is stuck on "Waiting for activation" and i just read in the MiTime website that iPhone4 FaceTime will not work when originally activated with address book SIM? Anybody know a work around? Or a fix?
I was really excited when FaceTime was advertised but can't seem to get it "activated" on my iP4. I've many of the solutions that google has pointed me to but nothing seems to work. Details: JB and unlocked. iOS 4.1 on 1.59 BB. Phone is locked to Telus but using it on Fido (Toronto, Ontario). On prepaid, which can send and receive text messaging and called ID is included. I've tried the resetting network and all settings options. Would it be a problem if I called...
Hhhmm, I was just about to upgrade. Are you both using OSX Snow Leopard? Is this happening to everyone? Haven't experienced so much problems you mentioned from any Apple apps.
Just working with Tallest Skil idea, how about you create a "silent" ringtone to simulate silent and set each contact with a different ring tone.~Record with Quicktime (cover mic so that it doesn't record anything), don't make it longer than 30 secs. ~Import to iTunes, convert it to AAC (right click). ~Locate the file and rename to m4r from m4a (right click, show in finder)~Sync with iPhone.
Are you sure it doesn't do it for your school account as well? When you click on the main one labelled "Inbox" it will show you all emails from both gmail and school. When you collapse that (by clicking on the triangle) it will break it down to your gmail and school accounts. Click on these basically just filters your inbox of what has come in on your gmail/school -- it's not a double copy. If you are really annoyed by these, you can just "decollapse" by clicking on...
I don't think there's a way to disable Apple Mail. Why don't you do what I do and use Apple Mail to collect and send your gmail emails? Just open it and follow instructions on how to set it up Apple Mail with your Gmail account. Very easy to setup (Leopard will do all the work) and it will download all your previous emails. One other step must be done -- log into gmail on your browser and enable POP (so that Apple Mail can receive your emails). Don't worry,...
try poking around the router's settings--look for broadcast speeds. Try the different settings maybe 802.11b/g should help. If the firmware update doesn't work, is there other computers connected to the router by wireless? Just trying to narrow what has the problem.
I'm pretty sure it's the first Intel iMac--i remember getting excited about bootcamp and not have to give up CounterStrike (fps game). I'm thinking of just replacing my 250mb with a 1TB one. Any suggestions on a brand + model for a quick seek time? I've read there are some models that are even faster than going the 10,000rpm route.
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