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Really Know it all...childish? It's fun..lighten up a little
It really is ugly...and my tax dollars helped pay for it..being a Santa Clara Resident.
Aww lawwdd
Put windows on it
Do want
Or make 20 more different devices, release the Galaxy S4 with a 6 inch screen, as well as the Note III with a 7 inch screen.Samdroids are making up for a little sumtin sumtin. A size complex if you will.
There's a actual IMAX theater that I used to go to that was simply mind blowing compared to the "IMAX experience" some theaters have.Geez big ass screen with scaffolding, big ass speakers. Can't really put it into words..
And it's a no brainer sometimes money will need to be spent to make it.Either way though, they attract the unlocked customer's and are overhauling infrastructure, is it going to help the cost overall? 700,000 subscriber's is a major loss..and it's still rising..sprint may have taken a huge risk/hit but 3 quarter's of profit and growth is pretty good, considering how they were performing prior..Think the average consumer doesn't like to pay upfront cost of a unsubsidized...
Works for me, called my Wife just now via Cell data and it connected. She's on a 4S I'm on my 5
This decision will likely cost them dearly. How's android doing it for you?
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