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Sigh...(puts in pile of ignored rumors, because analyst are crazy)
Cue the fan boi's in 5....4...3...2...oh wait you'll still have to wait
Good luck with android ha. They need it, but it's futile.
And? Your point is what? Follow them and embrace that? Super amoled is over rated.
That doesn't fly with a windows user. Too restricting for them.
The apple haters love to praise the zenbook even though they thought the MBA was a failed product.... Or maybe they just misclicked somewhere on the terrible keyboard and track pad...but don't want to admit because the zenbook is spec'ed better...go figure They don't see it as a copy of design either...lol
Speaking of sharp, I replaced my 4 year old 32" lcd aquos for a new 40" aquos led backlight...wow it seriously puts my Parents 55" Samsung and my older tv to shame in image quality. Stunning! And makes playing modern warfare 3 quite enjoyable hA
The fire is no threat. Steve clearly stated they will not go that direction. I see the fire getting canned and a revision coming soon. But who knows they don't make any money off them anyway.
Thanks I nearly spat my champagne haha
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