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Meh, happens here as well...I happen to work in a environment were workers are treated like shit. Low wages and no benefits, but yet it's still slowy bein outsourced. If your curious who I work for? Due to a non disclosure agreement all I can say is it rhymes with foogle and they are known as a global search conglomerate .
I'm talking about Samsung.
The 4S is in no way a disappointment. Media makes it seem that way, but holy shit I love my 4S
But the company is fragmented into sectors.
Boo having no bloatsware is a plus on apple products. Blah blah your beating a dead horse. Btw the iPad has all the equivalent to what you mentioned was missing..except free apps daily which I don't really miss from my 2 month android experience..
Fustration free packaging even on its flagship kindle? Good job amazon...
Even at 199..I don't want it...99$ maybe for the largest capacity
I thought the same thing till I check on eBay...$35+ no thanks... Too bad my nano is long gone...got the email from apple about it like 2 hours ago too..
5k damages? Lol For a 200$ device...
Don't notice a difference yet, well see when I get off work. Just updated OTA btw
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