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Bahaha This reminds me of ballmers comment on the iPhone bAck in 2007 http://youtu.be/eywi0h_Y5_U
"would have" Well never know now ha
Let them Burn!! Then again solandra proved what big solar company's do
I'm still a happy camper with my early 2011 mbp 2.3 ghz 8 gigs made a world of a difference
Why even waste your time posting? Troll much tool?
Tell that to the millions upon millions of iPad 2, iPhone 4S owners? The A4 powered units will most likely be supported though.
I've received my tracking number! Doesn't show in UPS's tracking system but I'm hoping for a Friday drop
Oh get over it troll. 15 months with a naked iPhone 4 and no issues.
That scares me as well..mine says back ordered but processing.
Ive come to believe conradjoe it's a troll anyway. I mean jeez join date is sept 2011 and he has almost 600 post..
New Posts  All Forums: