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Gave up on apple last night, ordered through AT&T. It's processing and they charged my card already, I hope I get it next week.
I received the email as well, noticed I only reached 12.5 GB this month..They say they will throttle me next month if I do it again. Why am I paying for unlimited if it isn't AT&T?
Unable to acess as well. They better keep iDisk! I swear, been very useful.
Of course it took 200+ devices and one out every other week to overtake 1 DEVICE!! One! Heck my android friends are constantly changing phones.. Droidfanboi's love using misleading numbers dont they? I'm no fan boi btw, I own a bunch of android devices, a hp touchpad
What happen to the days of verizon mocking AT&T for havin a incompetent network before the vz iPhone? Chumps..A so called "superior" network shouldn't have a bandwidth problem..
Can't wait, gonna be buying a 32GB. Don't need much more space this that, I still have like 5GB on my iPhone 4.
Aw need 3G? Buy an iPhone. Problem solved. 128gb won't happen anytime soon. A5 def will.
Nope. Ordered directly from HP Received my order confirmation from HP this morning as well. Will be shipping in 5-7 days
I had ordered Friday night, got hit with the charge yesterday morning, and no email from HP yet. Ordered the 32GB using the slickdeals instructions.
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