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Bs? That's like saying replacing old single pane windows with double pane is less efficient... Simple and straightforward renovation to update a icon. That's it. Material tech is prob more advance as well.
I'm not refering to the material, but rather the color.
You guys want to know the Dominating brand at my office and the whole campus? ( I work at google hq in mountain view) Apple 95% percent of the engineers riding around and even my bosses all have bright silver macs and some even have apple wireless keyboard connected to the work computers haaha
It's a engineers phone.. I've seen multiple devices like this..Few of my apple friends have devices like this. Of course they take good care of it because apple tracks that number.
Power to apple! Lead the way!
They scared?
3-2-1 tada where's the jailbreak? Still on 4.1
What? Do You even realize how light the back cover is? Aluminum will only make It heavier.
Hell no I'm not switching, plus I don't think verizon would like my average of 70gb of data per month. Not to mention I love having the security of roll over minutes ect. Plus both my lines are set t where I can get the new device every year!
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