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3-2-1 tada where's the jailbreak? Still on 4.1
What? Do You even realize how light the back cover is? Aluminum will only make It heavier.
Hell no I'm not switching, plus I don't think verizon would like my average of 70gb of data per month. Not to mention I love having the security of roll over minutes ect. Plus both my lines are set t where I can get the new device every year!
Unless verizon gives me unlimited data,competitive plan pricing, or anything close (Which they won't and def will cap my data and I can't allow that since I use nearly 40gb a month of data) I'm not switching period. Verizon can choke on android for all I care.
Not really a editor..(because books that have been published are already edited..)more like a repair man going in and editing the damn software errors (OCR is cool but far from perfect). I repair so much I can actually care less of my own errors on forums because in all honesty no one cares...
What's funny is I edit those books and they don't pay me squat!! I want a pay raise google if you succeed (I work in the dept that scans and edits these books lol) plus not to mention it will prob be available soon as I've been lumped into a expedited group and we've been told that the books are "high priority" bs pay me more before I have to work harder for my 10$ an hourYou should see the scanning crew with the OCR equipment! Looks like a sweat shop almost
I bet it could have been fixed with a simple dfu mode reboot
Then don't buy from them it's your choice not their's. No one is spending your money except you. Don't like having technology that constantly becomes obsolete? Get use to it or go back to the caves simple as that. Its a part of life.
Meh 2 years is a long time in tech age, I mean look how long they supported power pc processors until snow leopard came out. If the want to stop support so be it. Move on and I believe there a "billion dollar mammoth" not a measly couple million bucks
Uh dude wrong company monster audio is different then the beverage company
New Posts  All Forums: