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Fuck yeah! Good riddance to John Browett.
They also won't profit on the device directly, but rather through your information and ad preferences...Shady...
Aren't there two versions? RT and the version running windows 8?
The 30 pin/lightning connection.
I don't see the point of removing the optical drive in a pure desktop machine...but I'll hand it to them, it's quite a beauty!
Yep, every single one. The apple ones broke too, but I simply set up a Apple warranty exchange and bam, next morning a fresh cable arrives at my doorstep for free..so why bother with knock offs? Knock off HDMI cables? Don't buy those either, (like my amazon basic/mediabridge branded cables.Piece of mind is cheaper then taking a risk and frying my iphone which I paid full price this year..you can be cheap though no ones stopping you..that's the only reason the knock off...
Of my dozen cheap 30 pin cables, every single one was broken. Simply from constant use.If you can afford a iPhone, don't think we should really bitch about a $20 cable. It won't break the bank.
Uh yeah..decreasing because They are finally getting 4.0 ICS years later then initial release..even though jellybean has been out for how long? and the fact that some phones had it preloaded like the S3.
Wow. Guess we should all still use windoz 98 then?Yes it's important, security patches (they are still prevelant) Optimizations, list goes on and on..but that's not the point. These announcements are too frequent yet 90% of the hardware won't get support. That's not cool if you buy the latest phone and can't update it.
Not intending too, it's just mind numbing, but hey some people like having quickly out of date operating systems I guess..
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