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A few of my co workers at google still do (still use them daily and have iPhones as well) Btw didn't they get sued for the same model being too scratchable?
Damn speaking of new 72+ post in under 2 months?
The classic is not dead it's still alive and kicking
omg you guys still complaining about no 3g or gps on the ipod touch....really!!! buy a damn iphone. WTF do you need 3g on a ipod touch for? do you intend on paying for data charges? get a iPhone..and stop complaining
Um yeah they did..back in 2007 it's called the iPhone duhWhy the hell would apple put a 3G radio chip in the iPod touch!?Get a iPad
^please don't forget that a Bluetooth keyboard can be used
I also say bs to the non bendable comment. I've been able to bend them and even bend it back
I loved my psp when it first released It was one of the had to have items and I had my father pick one up in japan before it was released in the states. Looking back it would be cool to have a psp/phone but I don't really game that much anymore (he'll I don't even play the games on my iPhone 4 anymore.. Good luck Sony I don't really think it will put a ding it apples game though I'll be rooting!
It's actually pretty easy to restore a bricked iPhone or iPod touch.
Your also talking to a guy who's also owned every gen of the iPhone so I'll keep insulting kthnx bi
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