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All the 3G iPhone owners will you stop complaining please! I'm sick of it upgrade your damn hardware already. You bitch and moan the 3G doesn't even fully support ios4 and you dimwads still updated. Go buy a 3GS or something
Hey guess what? All apple products come with a complimentary 1 year warranty which includes gasp..phone support for what..90 days! So anyone who bought a iPhone 4 can call in so it's still statistically correct
Also a very happy ip4 user! No complaints as well as all my friends who have it as well All these bandwagon hopping haters can suck it.
Also we didn't technically pay for it in full AT&T pays for a large portion of the device via the unsubsidized price which is what like 699? for my 32gb iPhone 4
I got my order in after a dozen tries I'm happy...except that I'll have to wait until July..
Whoooo I'm sold and set for preorder!! My brand new warranty replaced 3gs will became a nice paper weight! Unless I sell it to tommorow for 400
Finally can turn my 3gs back on lol
Will the current 3g have most of the new features with the 3.0 update?
tell em to clean there lense mine dont come out blurry at night like that
wtf dude!?!? No dont support these idiots
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