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Also we didn't technically pay for it in full AT&T pays for a large portion of the device via the unsubsidized price which is what like 699? for my 32gb iPhone 4
I got my order in after a dozen tries I'm happy...except that I'll have to wait until July..
Whoooo I'm sold and set for preorder!! My brand new warranty replaced 3gs will became a nice paper weight! Unless I sell it to tommorow for 400
Finally can turn my 3gs back on lol
Will the current 3g have most of the new features with the 3.0 update?
tell em to clean there lense mine dont come out blurry at night like that
wtf dude!?!? No dont support these idiots
Is there a way to get the beta version? I knoew its a developer exclusize
well for us million + iPhone users a small fee increase will prob be in order to add to my$ 95 bill but most likely a small increase for hardware? Just my 2 cents?
I tried the air jacket and was pissed when it scratch my bezel and recently switched to the iskin solo. It looks like a hardcase at first cause its translucent and glossy but its actually rubber like and can take a beating unlike plastic and it doesnt scratch like plastic! This is the best case ive tried so far and im not gonna be changing soon. The apple online store carries it but i xant find them in stores or anywhere else( i got mine in clear from macworld 09 so its...
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