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Only 500k? Damn the Gnex must have sucked. Either way I'm adding this phone to my collection too.
Got thesehttp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826106581Granted I paid $100 when it was on sale @Woot.Sound good to me, though I'm partially deaf..I don't mind the freebie headphones, it's just I hate the cord, so Bluetooth loss doesn't really matter.
I got ear pods with my iPhone 5, yet I still use my sennheiser's Bluetooth headphones with a built in mic and controls? I think the average user will use their OWN headphones anyway.
Everyone's complaining about extra space? My iPhone is backed up to iCloud. Uses up most of that allotted space.
Yep, mine was suppose to expire on the 30th, it says 2013 for me now.
This idiot didn't even attempt to wipe it? Geez. Not that in condoning theft..seriously.
My buddies running iOS6 with a 3GS have said they love it, no changes for the worse so far.
I'm still waiting, preordered on the 14th...delivery was suppose to be on the 21'st but ups screwed that up as always..and it's enroute this morning..
Why are you still posting this stupid shit?Have you even tried the maps? It's good they dropped them, more independence, and free from the google ecosystem that I once had a hand in helping design. Google maps wasn't built over night, and I've contributed 2 years of my life helping improve google maps..Whether or not apple "dropped the ball" is completely opinionated as its worked absolutely steller for me with no hiccups or complaints.
New Posts  All Forums: