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I personally worked on the maps project for 2 years with google, it's come a long way since then..apple maps will improve give it time..
Yay ads! Now I don't have to worry about lost revenue on my channel! Adsense is a side income with my YouTube channel, and I was curious why I've had a increase in revenue lately.
While its downloading OTA I'm typing this as it's doing it in the background!
Is this why I've been seeing the new Samsung tablet commercials now?
My cracked iPhone 4S sold in 20 secs on eBay with my posted BIN price, don't know why people don't just sell it outright then trade it in to these companies that literally rip you off.
Tell that to the swarm of android users..like a bunch o annoying flies..Oh 8mp? That's so 2010, oh 4 inch screens? So last year, we had LTE years ago, blah blah blah...Apple is just copying android in features now...Lol geez my Facebook feed is just blowin up with that crap.
And all the apple hater's will come out with a rebuttal saying apple is evil and they stole the designs from someone else..
Right? Foxxconn always has a line outside with hopefuls trying to get a job
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