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My buddies running iOS6 with a 3GS have said they love it, no changes for the worse so far.
I'm still waiting, preordered on the 14th...delivery was suppose to be on the 21'st but ups screwed that up as always..and it's enroute this morning..
Why are you still posting this stupid shit?Have you even tried the maps? It's good they dropped them, more independence, and free from the google ecosystem that I once had a hand in helping design. Google maps wasn't built over night, and I've contributed 2 years of my life helping improve google maps..Whether or not apple "dropped the ball" is completely opinionated as its worked absolutely steller for me with no hiccups or complaints.
I personally worked on the maps project for 2 years with google, it's come a long way since then..apple maps will improve give it time..
Yay ads! Now I don't have to worry about lost revenue on my channel! Adsense is a side income with my YouTube channel, and I was curious why I've had a increase in revenue lately.
While its downloading OTA I'm typing this as it's doing it in the background!
Is this why I've been seeing the new Samsung tablet commercials now?
My cracked iPhone 4S sold in 20 secs on eBay with my posted BIN price, don't know why people don't just sell it outright then trade it in to these companies that literally rip you off.
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