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Tell that to the swarm of android users..like a bunch o annoying flies..Oh 8mp? That's so 2010, oh 4 inch screens? So last year, we had LTE years ago, blah blah blah...Apple is just copying android in features now...Lol geez my Facebook feed is just blowin up with that crap.
And all the apple hater's will come out with a rebuttal saying apple is evil and they stole the designs from someone else..
Right? Foxxconn always has a line outside with hopefuls trying to get a job
That's incorrect, the original was manufactured in Mexico until recently. So a bit of fail there.
Did I hear him say, it's not really about the megapixels? Gasp....hasn't apple taken that stance and the competition shot it down as baloney? Tsk tisk I still remember when my photo teacher said phone camera's couldn't take good enough photo's to be used in our digital photo class...I wonder if they can use phones now.
The person who sues first will end up in a ditch somewhere mysteriously killed. With their identity wiped and replaced with a wanted fugitive posting.Or is that the CIA's job?LOLSeriously, a embarrassment such as this will result in a manhunt costing not only our information, but millions if not billions of tax dollars (since your essentially sueing for money you paid for this dept work)Of course the PC boys will laugh at the idea of Mac's replacing the PC's because they...
Is it me or does the device look the same as any other? What makes it new? Besides the shitware known as windows 8?
It's a picture of a picture...and it's on a crummy 7 inch tablet to add to the insult.
Same service, same everything except: no visual voicemail and the feeling of being raped every month.MMS can be fixed easily plenty of guides online how to do so in the APN settings.I too am going to make the jump, could save me at least 60-70 a month, but I'm trying to figure out the cost of severing my 2 lines with the termination fees...and the fact that the next iPhone I'll have to get at cost and know Apple I'll have to wait to get a unlocked device rather then have...
Yep I have a excuse to jailbreak again, even if they do throttle me at 3gb..
New Posts  All Forums: