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Why does it have to be a news report to be a issue? Google is your friend, if you actually look you'll see that it's quite a problem. I'm not making this up. Do I really new to show you links from countless fan sites about QC issues? It's not a isolated issue. Don't be lazy. Search around...they are infact being returned/exchanged in big numbers... http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1675
Go on to XDA, and other numerous android fan sites, quality issues range from, Lifted screens, numerous dead pixels, poor build quality, DOA units, bad speakers, unresponsive touch screens, squeaky panels, slow/lagging units, Subpar Corning glass quality leading to babied devices cracking/scratching glass, pixel lines, silver bezel is pretty much paint, Uneven backlighting, screen flickering, ect the list goes on.It's been established that the first batch was awful....
What..? The Nexus is far from a beautiful experience, I can't count how many times I've wanted to smash mine...and I have a I/O unit so I had mine before the public did.Worry about scratching it? Ha mines scratched to living hell from daily use, they simply cheaped out that's why it's been returned in swarms from QC issues.It's a nice try, but not a "High quality product"
The tech wasn't to his liking at the time, as it was the iPad was a gamble.
I wouldn't say it's all bad, though my year old 55" Sammy is dying already...I own a few android products...it's only taken years to finally be usable.
They are just selfconsious.I need a 5" display, I need a quad core processor!, I need 2 GB of ram, I need a display that both larger then the isheeps and has pixels that I can't see! I don't care about washed out colors! I need billions of settings for my device! I need features I won't even use!. I need a operating system that will be stuck on my device for the life of the product becuase i cant update it when it's obsolete already! All crammed in shiney plastic! While...
Good article! A bit of a long read, but I enjoyed it.
After a announcement of halting Mac office sales, Surface and that horrible unveiling....lol That's quite a tank of profit.
Can I google her yahoo? LOL She's very attractive! I wish her best of luck! Not to mention she will be dealing with the recent breach of info yahoo just experienced!
CSR is using practically robbery tactics anyway. If you play the game you'll notice it too. AI is literally 2 weeks late on any hacks used is CSR. A YouTube video had been posted of another method was pulled and I think it's posted else where now.
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