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Is It bad if I want my grubby little hands on one? It can reside next to my CR48 beta chrome book
Exactly. Kudo's.
You forget that the 4S has a better graphic processor or overall faster processor? Rendering the new maps in realtime will tax the older hardware.Regardless of what people think, they do it simply because it didn't perform to the standard that they wanted. A marginal performance difference could have made the decision.
"new iPhone"Not the iPhone 5.The 4s is the 5th gen.
Disregarding the server theory, why should the iPhone 4 get all the features? It will be demoted once again with the "New iPhone" later this year. If your navigation apps work, then what's the issue? Do you think us 4S user's won't get left behind in the next release?FaceTime over cellular? Jailbreak then.I don't see the issue, if apple wants it to be that way what can we do? Absolutly nothing Unfortunatly. You alreay bought the device for its advertised features, enjoy it.
It's 2 freaking year old hardware almost!!! Sure it's a "current model" but guess what? It was introduced back in 2010, with no change to hardware other then memory size!If you make the conscious choice of buying outdated hardware because it's cheaper now, gives you no right to boohoo and piss anger because you can't get all the features of the future OS. Guess what? The industry and world move on, you either move on with it or keep your device till it really needs to be...
It's been said before..obviously if the 17" was a money maker or large seller they would have kept it on the line. Unfortunatly it didn't fit in the current offering and was axed. Good! Makes more room for industry changing product!Can't make everyone happy!My past employment at Google, I rarely saw 17" machines...mostly air's and 15" MBP's and the graphic design dept in my building were using iPad's with Macpro's
Still nearly 2 year old hardware...is that too hard to comprehend? What network are you on? Only the 4S takes advantage of the HSPA+ on AT&T, plus it depends on location. I have both a 4S and 4 in my household an we're close to a hspa+ tower and the 4s is much faster then the 4 on the standard network.I'm assuming your on sprint or Verizon if you're mentioning CDMA.
Ooo zing from the troll...
Man your a hoot! Typically I avoid feeding the trolls, but your thesaurus word search to make you appear intelligent and sophisticated was hilarious!
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