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Orly troll much?So...Your a apple store employee...and a customer comes in claiming that he's here for a $99 MacBook and claims he seen it on the website?In your theory you would have honor that?
Do it yourself if your ballzy enough.Go get the aluminum reanodized! Black or what ever color you want!
Apple Care.SIf you really need a powerhouse with 32GB of ram...get a desktop/workstation...or I don't know a MacPro..
Does this apply to other things as well?
Still spamming over the matte bs are you?At least you didn't post the stupid petition this time.....Srsly though...try one in person before you spew this crap again.
You do realize a small demograph of people actually upgrade anything in their machine right? They either buy it the way they like from the get go and never upgrade anything until it fails, or they just sell to upgrade a year later....
There is. Hspa+ support
Hardware Age is not determined by when it was purchased...are people really dense or what?Notice the 3GS has not been been changed or updated (other then os) since its unveiling in 2009?The 3GS is 3+ year old hardware. Period.Idiotic I swear did you even read what I posted?. Kinda like the chumps going I'm waiting for the iPhone 5...
Incorrect, it's last years model, notice the lesser space provided then when it was the flagship.Once again it may be a current model but not the flagship.Get your facts straight.Does that mean the 3GS a current model according to your reasoning not 3 years old? It's still quite dated but supported non the less.
Yep about 242-3 days ago to be precise, I set a memo for that date in my calendar so it reminds me often after all we did wait quite awhile for the 4S to arrive.
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