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  which should lead to new shorthand in these forums:   gm;dr    ala tl;dr
http://store.apple.com/ca/product/MD821ZM/A/lightning-to-usb-camera-adapter?fnode=3a http://store.apple.com/ca/product/MD822ZM/A/lightning-to-sd-card-camera-reader?fnode=3a
Why do I feel tense about the tense in this article? Proofreaders don't work on Sundays I guess.
Aluminum. Ive has always pronounced it as AH-LOO-MIN-E-UM... Watch him in one of the videos about designing the MacBooks and you'll understand then.
Especially at 54:30 where Steve Jobs eyes in the iconic "lotus position with the Macintosh" photo fade out into the opening eyes of Jony Ive .... the "soul" of Apple awakens in Jony.. Very well done,
...and everyone screw your corporate dress code tomorrow and wear a black turtleneck, jeans, & running shoes to work. Make sure the jeans are just a smidge too short and be sure to push the sleeves on your turtleneck up to mid forearm.
.... millions of backlit apple logos go dark in sorrow. A very sad day.
... the two former co-CEOs job share the role and are referred to simply as Lazy Balls.
Agreed. He should have worn a hoodie with a bow tie and ruffled shirt silkscreened on front, you know like the classic tuxedo t-shirt. Then he could have been true to his style while tipping his hat to the guest list.
Yeah interesting observation about Zuckerberg. Probably a reflection of his youth in that for all his bravado he really isn't confident enough (yet) in his identity to say "who cares who else is there, this is my style." That being said I'm glad he did lose the hoodie and maybe he actually has better judgement than he gets credit for. Or not.
New Posts  All Forums: