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I doesn't really matter, now does it, because we all know that piracy is WRONG. You should look forward to it registering so that you can get tech support with it, with your (what I am *sure* is a valid) serial number... [Skeptical]
Not as cool as the lapvantage... My friend has one and I am hella-impressed... :eek: http://www.lapvantage.com/
Photoeditor, Matsu- From what you have seen of them, will the old PB G4 (667/800) batteries work with these latest updates, or does this mean that I have to buy all new batteries and chargers for road work?
Airport Question: I have been browsing around and found that it is possible to set up an Airport equipped Mac to do connection sharing with other Airport equipped Macs. I have a Dual 1Ghz and soon a Powerbook. Does anyone have any insight about how well this works or should I just go ahead and blow the cash on the base station? It would save me about $200 to do it this way, but I do not want to do it if it is going to be flaky. [...
Bad Mac... no refresh! DAMN! <sorry for the duplicate thread> Flog Me. Now. I am armed.
I have a similar problem on my HP deskjet and Brother 1440 laser. I will click print, and will manually have to tell it to start the job, and then usually it hangs and will leave me with "opening connection to printer" or some such nonsense. The only way to correct it is to cancel all print jobs, reboot the printers, and restart the program that I was trying to print from. It sucks having to walk across the office every 10 minutes to reboot these things. I have reinstalled...
Lets not forget the XSERVE RAID that is in the pipeline for the year's end... :eek:
I think the real question for thousands of us is: WHEN are we getting new Powerbooks? Should I go ahead and blow the $$$ on the 667 or wait. I think that most would agree that those that can wait should, but this is getting PAINFUL. Are we stuck here until January/February? [No]
WANTED: Ultra-secret member of Doomsday Cult to write a hack to allow iChat to work with MSN Messenger. Mac users are, or better or worse, amazingly adaptive when it comes to MAKING things port- usually at the chagrin of lawyers and CEO types who want to control ALL technology (read: M$FT) I wish that people would really support others who do freeware and donationware, et al. That is the community where such a haq would come from.
New Posts  All Forums: