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As the photo shows, Starck is one of those design figs who sacrifices comfort for look. Check out that low-backed, back-pain couch and the narrow-backed, unpadded, arm-fatigue, armless dining-room chairs. Like the plastic seats at Burger King and McDonald's, that furniture for children and emaciated, stick-figure runts is bound to get rid of guests in 20 minutes, as it's furniture on which an adult American will never relax. Then, there are his overpriced, oddball...
What is this analyst's track record in predicting Apple's quarterly numbers?
There is no evidence that Amazon violated any anti trust regulations. Having a powerful market position in and of itself is not illegal. If Amazon "gained" control of the ebook business as you stipulate, then Apple/Itunes would not have been able to enter it and become successful.
Take off your Apple fanboi hat for a second and look at this objectively.The evidence that the Justice department has gathered is pretty serious and damning against Apple.They conspired with all the major Publishers to fix prices of new ebooks at 12.99 to 14.99. Apple has smart lawyers. They know this is illegal under anti-trust regulations in the US ( and in most other Western countries). Apple should get sued by every country in which consumers were affected. If Apple is...
What the article doesn't seem to include is that AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have been charging this fee for quite awhile now. AT&T was charging $18 and it sounds like they are going to raise it to $30 to match Verizon. Sprint charges $36 and T-Mobile charges $18. Apple Insider is making much to do about nothing. You're paying $100+ a month....you shouldn't worry about $30 every two years.
Much of what I search for are not in the usual article repositories, and if they are I use my institution's library resources. I find it frustrating that unless you belong to an institution with good digital librarians, you are at the mercy of a corporationMy point is that Google is no longer a reliable index. I have used search terms that should point me to pages that I KNOW FOR CERTAIN EXIST, but for no reason I can deduce give no results. At one point Google was a...
I agree with some aspects of all of these comments. The main issue is that Google has established a wild track record of not committing to anything for more than a few years unless it is majorly successful. GMail fit the bill and is here to stay. GApps for business and educational institutions are successful, but they are not free services and are heavily promoted by Google's lobbyists. (I go to U of Michigan and the school decided to go to a Google Apps based...
WIth adblock plus, Firefox, and a couple other addons (to kill flash cookies), you can be about as anonymous as possible and still have great functionality. If you want to go to the next level, set up or use various anonymous proxies to route all your traffic, or something like the the Tor project stuff.
It's probably going to be a type of antireflection coating, as used on camera lenses. Usually this is vapor-deposited varieties of MgFl or something similar. It's a well known technology and used in any modern optics (e.g. Multicoating). It's relatively cheap in the big picture, all things considered. This sort of thing is long overdue.
Apple's suing all the competitor pants off. they are acting like MS in 1980. Did anyone sue apple for storing users GPS data on the device and transferring to server , and few other stuff still unknown.
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