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WSJ : Apple is flat - yawn Forbes : Apple sleeps - funny guys At least NYT : http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/28/technology/apple-reports-record-iphone-sales.html?partner=yahoofinance&_r=0
"Are you gettin'it ?" Most fantastic tech product one man show in a decade. See him jubilating that way is really infectious.
Cannot find it.
I use A 27" iMac + 24" display in office, but need a 17" on the go. Period. Actually, I monitor all the 17" "like new" on sale on eBay since a few months. Will hoard them. 
I'm a writer. A novelist. And I publish other's books too.
At home office, I have a 27" and a 24".On the go, I use the 17". And I'd love a 12" iPad to complement it.
I'm in the publishing industry, and need to open 3 pages or more under 3 different apps simultaneously, on the go.I can't do that with 15".
And still no 17". I bought 3 of them on the grey market this year only. I work on 17" since 2003. What am I to do ? B***y hell%u2026
Why, but why did they dump the MBP 17" ? I worked on a dozen of them since 2002 and cannot consider 15"
Cosa nostra…
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