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Probably. But UI-wise, previews for Lion and ML were close to the final deal… Of course. It's gorgeous and full of functional ideas. Ja, ja, ja… It's so much sleeker. ;-)
What I don't understand, from my developer's preview, is why Apple did not implement gorgeous IOS7 GUI to OS Mavericks. Puzzling and disappointing %u2013 so far.
Apple, I need a 17".
Ridiculous. It's a computer, not a sound system. And that "bass" obsession is ridiculous too. Overloaded bass in sound systems are just for thugs driving around playing  Eminem at full blast, not for musicians. 
All these comments about lack of bass is pure nonsense. Who wants to listen music from a computer anyway, without plugging decent externals ? I have B&W MM-1 and that's what I call decent. Same rationale as DVD drive : get external.
Just mailed this paper to David Pogue's NYTimes. He instantly reacted. Hopefully this will get known.
Yes. When you pay a legit licensing fee, it's a certain price. When you steal and try to get away with it by destroying evidences, it's dearer. Remember last time you didn't pay your parking ticket and got a triple to pays instead. Thieves preferred theft rather than (very) fair licensing.Will cost them dearly.Steve Jobs offered Samsung Apple's crown jewels for $250M - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
Let's suppose Apple sales had tanked due to unfair competition by Samsung. Let's suppose millions had lost part of their savings after stock plunged. Let's suppose thousands had lost their jobs. What's the difference with Enron execs losing money of people who placed their confidence in them ? You'll say : law is about facts, and these facts did not happen. Granted. So better let Apple get bankrupt or have it's customer base shrinked and lose billions because of Samsung...
We only have one Samsung product - a printer. It will soon be replaced. How about Samsung top exec carrying a sign around their neck (in jail) : iTHIEVE.
Plus 250 years in jail for their top execs, how does that sound ?
New Posts  All Forums: