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This is the best way for the US to shoot themselves in the foot : if Europe collapses, US goes under. Do you think sometimes before yelling ? 
Last time, I checked Bush created deficit was 5,1 trillion USD. Total deficit : 14 trillion and counting. I admire the US, but not the mountain of debt they piled for themselves, borrowing their future to China. May I remind you the US is bankrupt since last august ? 
And no 17" ? That sucks.
No 17" ? Sucks.
Anyway, home button is a disaster. We have four iPhone 3 GS and 2 iTouch 4-th generation, and they all have home button lagging, forcing us to push several times on the button to have any reaction from the device. No matter how we tried, resets, reinstall, etc., nothing solved this. The iTouch are 18 month old ! 
After loosing soooo much time with Micro$oft lousy Entourage (crashes, loss of date, inaccessible identity, slowness, etc.), I've definitively dumped it for Mail and never looked back. Micro$oft repeated bugs in Office are such an insult to the consumer I'm not forking a pound in any M$oft Office since years. 
Where are they ? iTunes page gives the albums, but no ringtones link.
Always did Combo updates and never had a serious problem, apart a double restart once after first restart messed it. Combo 10.7.3 went without Ã* glitch with all 5 machines. People take too much for granted.
I concur that. I hate almost every aspect of TV interface.If Apple does to TV what they did to smartphones, it will be a hit.I surely will buy a bunch of it for our offices. We did so, I remember,with the iPhone, waiting 9 month in 2006, to replace our lousyMotorola and Sony Ericsson with the iPhone.
Same for me on A MBP 2010 with last 10.7.2 update.
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