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I concur that. I hate almost every aspect of TV interface.If Apple does to TV what they did to smartphones, it will be a hit.I surely will buy a bunch of it for our offices. We did so, I remember,with the iPhone, waiting 9 month in 2006, to replace our lousyMotorola and Sony Ericsson with the iPhone.
Same for me on A MBP 2010 with last 10.7.2 update.
Which planet have you been these last 10 years ? I've had that M$oft error a trillion times. And now Office 2011 has also the infamous file format from Office 2008 not recognized. A pure joke. Oh. By the way. Gates is being sued all over the place because of Corbis swindle of photographer' s rights (french agencies catalogs bought back by Gates and their ilk).
Tried update process twice. Twice resulted in Update error. Ther's a bug somewhere…
How tactful of you.
Typo : Their applicrashion store.
http://www.wemac.se/?p=698 Gorgeous, if it's the real deal.
Tried Find my Phone. Uploaeded app. Fine. Tried to enter my Apple ID. Message : This device is not qualifed for free Mobile Me Account. Meanwhile, the How To from Aplle says : If you already have an Apple ID, you don't have to create a Mobile Me ID. I love Apple when they begin to Mi€oft themselves. Heeeeelp !
New Posts  All Forums: