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Tried Find my Phone. Uploaeded app. Fine. Tried to enter my Apple ID. Message : This device is not qualifed for free Mobile Me Account. Meanwhile, the How To from Aplle says : If you already have an Apple ID, you don't have to create a Mobile Me ID. I love Apple when they begin to Mi€oft themselves. Heeeeelp !
Still nothing.
Ballmer earned a surname in the industry : The Enbalmer. This ox always reminds me Fester Addams.
Steve should ask the numerologist : Apple's iPhone 4 Dilemma Hi Johan, I am a big Apple fan and love my iPhone, especially when traveling. I still have my 2007 version and will be upgrading eventually - but not to the current iPhone 4. After breaking Apple’s sales records with a spectacular release on June 24, there have been untypical glitches concerning this model, in particular the antenna. Let’s look at what the numbers reveal. Apple Computer...
FInally, after 38 minutes of download, an error message…
Running in my iPhone already.
Not so difficult : erase-install and it will be fine. Or do try Onyx.http://www.titanium.free.fr/pgs/english/apps.html
Well, here, it does.
Before and after every update (software, OS, whatever), you should at least repair permissions. Period.
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