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Psystar needs a shrink. "Change your name. Not such a big deal. Steve"
With CS4 too ?
How fast compared to Core 2 2008 ?
My policy : Never buy a first batch of any machine on Earth.
Bourgeoises Pig, this is preposterous.Originally Posted by Bourgoises Pig If MacIntoshes are superior to PCs, then why are the PC warranties much better? What extra value would I get by spending $1000 more for a MacIntosh? Apple Care is the best service in the industry, period.5 examples :1 . G5 blew up power supply. It was out of Apple Care since 4 months. Nevertheless, Apple offered graciously to repair it. They repaired it twice until it was settled.2. Powerbook had...
People who drink don"t harm others — unless they punch tehem or drive under influence and wreak havoc.People who smoke do harm others, and parents who smoke at home with their kids are criminals.
Perfectly right.
Our house and office are absolutely smoke free since years. Our Macs are just dusted regularly from fan dust. After that, they're clean as a baby.
Totally agree. Tobacco is poison and nothing else.If people want to poison themselves, so be it — until it will be deemeda prejudice for society at large (as soon as possible).But they don"t have to poison others.Anyway, total ban of cigarette smoking is in the pipeline — at least in Europe.I can't wait for it.Non Smokers of the World, Unite.
New Posts  All Forums: