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I wonder why you guys all complain. I wonder why you don't buy from the Apple Store. That's what I do since years, and they always did marvels on delivery. I'm in Europe too. Plus : the Apple Store sells VAT free if you give them your VAT number. So why loose time and money with an APR ?
No such an option on iMac, and SD are limited to 500 Gb, isn't it ?
You pretty much convinced me.Most of my files are under 60 Mb, except films scans (6*6) which can top 150-200 Mb.The only thing I notice on my current iMac 3.06 2008 (the same as your daughter's) isit becomes pretty slouch after a session in Capture 1 Pro or LR3 (not so much with CS3, though).So much so that I have to PRAM and Onyx it once a week to get it at its snappiest again.I suspect 4 Mb RAM might be not enough.My HD is only filled to 20 % and I have no RAID — only 4...
Performance wise in CS3 or CS4, is the gap between 27 i7 core still wide with the MacPro ? Granted, the MacPro will get me around 6000 $, but the performance boost and upgradable capacity might be worth it. What do you say ?
How faster should it be, compared to 3.06Ghz 2008 iMac ? Especially with CS4 ?
Exactly. I don't have time to do what you do, and Apple does it very well with (for) me. M$oft, HP and others, not so.
Amazing how people who talk about machines forget a factor that I and many Apple users deem essential : user comfort. I had to deal a few times with M$oft for Office X, Office 2004 and Office 2008. The amount of crappy informations, time lost and fallacious deals M$oft proposed to me is simply overwhelming, after all those years. For example, when Office 2008 spellcheck has NEVER properly worked, M$oft proposed to reimburse the amount of the software. I said OK. They sent...
23andme (23 pairs of chromosom). This is Google's Sergei Brin's wife company.
And still no sorting of the bookmarks !
Your reply is , excuse me, irrelevant to the subject. FYI : I don't bookmark junk, all my bookmarks are checked weekly, and all are up to date. Still, the question was : since years, Apple never implemented sorting of bookmarks in Safari, and it's severely lacking. Reply : ?
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