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And Apple Store customer has a more satisfying experience. What else ?
Not so.1. When you buy from the Apple Store ON LINE, distance is not a factor.2. When you buy from the Apple Store, you still rely on an APR for maintenance.Under Apple Care, the techie comes yo you, not you to the techie.It served me well when I had to change the screen on my new iMac aftera few months.3. The convenience of the Apple Store ON LINE allows you to return the goodswithin 14 days if any problem occurs. It paid when I ordered a PowerBooksome years ago, and the...
My 2008 iMac does it, so I wonder why the late 2009 wouldn't.
I wonder why you guys all complain. I wonder why you don't buy from the Apple Store. That's what I do since years, and they always did marvels on delivery. I'm in Europe too. Plus : the Apple Store sells VAT free if you give them your VAT number. So why loose time and money with an APR ?
No such an option on iMac, and SD are limited to 500 Gb, isn't it ?
You pretty much convinced me.Most of my files are under 60 Mb, except films scans (6*6) which can top 150-200 Mb.The only thing I notice on my current iMac 3.06 2008 (the same as your daughter's) isit becomes pretty slouch after a session in Capture 1 Pro or LR3 (not so much with CS3, though).So much so that I have to PRAM and Onyx it once a week to get it at its snappiest again.I suspect 4 Mb RAM might be not enough.My HD is only filled to 20 % and I have no RAID — only 4...
Performance wise in CS3 or CS4, is the gap between 27 i7 core still wide with the MacPro ? Granted, the MacPro will get me around 6000 $, but the performance boost and upgradable capacity might be worth it. What do you say ?
How faster should it be, compared to 3.06Ghz 2008 iMac ? Especially with CS4 ?
Exactly. I don't have time to do what you do, and Apple does it very well with (for) me. M$oft, HP and others, not so.
Amazing how people who talk about machines forget a factor that I and many Apple users deem essential : user comfort. I had to deal a few times with M$oft for Office X, Office 2004 and Office 2008. The amount of crappy informations, time lost and fallacious deals M$oft proposed to me is simply overwhelming, after all those years. For example, when Office 2008 spellcheck has NEVER properly worked, M$oft proposed to reimburse the amount of the software. I said OK. They sent...
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