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I'm on a Mac since 1993.Alright. I click "Show All Bookmarks".And then ?I have 890 FOLDERS of them, with anywhere from 5 to 100 bookmarks in each folder, and adding maybe 5 or 6 bookmarks each week. It means I have maybe 8000 or 9000 bookmarks in these folders.Am I supposed to MANUALLY sort them from A to B ?You must be kidding…Back to Firefox :"Organize Bookmarks", and then bingo : from A>Z or Z>A or by date or anything else, in one click,done in 1 SECOND. Wake up,...
Granted, Safari 4 (and this is not Beta, even if still named as such on the download page) is very fast, and slightly faster than Firefox 3 (no Beta either) in some pages (tested it), it still lacking a huge spec for me : no sorting of the bookmarks (as Firefox does : A>B, B>A, by date, etc.). How come they didn't just think of it, it's beyond me. Am I supposed to MANUALLY sort my 890 + bookmarks ? Steve, really ? Phil ?
"and more than four times faster than Firefox 3, according to Apple's tests." I love Apple but this is pure fantasy. I use and test Fox and Safari on the same websites, and Fox is consistently faster. Besides, Safari 4-th of its name and still no sorting of the favorites ? I have 890 of them and there's no way I would use Safari without that functionality. Come on…
Following your rationale, one remains dumbfounded by the poor maintenance and overall quality of M$oft, regarding the enormous amount of money the made and continue, alas, to make with lousy products, and by the outstanding quality of Apple products developed with so much less money. But suffice to look and compare the aspects of MM. Jobs and Ballmer to understand the difference of brain power between the two companies.
Mr. SB never struck me for his clear-mindedness.
Those Palinesque ads remind me so much the presidential campaign. What kind of films is that so called hysterical film maker shooting ? Anti choice demonstrations ? Cheap wardrobes ? These ads reflect so much the whole bully spirit that exudes from that Ballmer character… M$oft will end exactly like the Edison Trust in the 40-ies. It won't be pretty.
I'll be on the market for a 17" Mac Book Pro by June, possibly a 2,93 Ghz. May I hope a better pricing then than now on the MBook range ? Or higher specs for the same price ?
My Titanium bought in 2000 is still up and running, apart a broken hinge due to my little daughter playing naughty with it.My Pbook 17" is running smooth.When a key of the keyboard refused to work (after 5 years), Apple replaced the keyboard for free, out of warranty.When my PMac G5 blew its power supply, out of warranty, Apple replaced it for free. Real cost : 600 €.Microsoft has this man at its head.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc4MzqBFxZE
Very nice. How come no beta tester has ever thought to implement a way to sort the bookmarks, like Firefox does since ages ? Does Apple, so clever in so many things, suggest that I should sort manually my 1200 + bookmarks (and a dozen more every month) ? A joke. I'll keep Firefox 3.
They're only in it for the money. If I were able to bill Ballmer the Enbalmer all the time lost because of his Office suite bugs (aka entire days of works), I'd be richer than he. I predict Mi$oft will end like the Edison trust in the 40-ies. Study Edison's history, and you'll see my point.
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