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Java SE 7u15 is the latest release by Oracle, OS X is still with Java SE 6?   *All* software contains vulnerabilities (that includes both OS X and iOS) and it's just a matter of patching them early.   Java technologies are used everywhere (eg, twitter runs Scala which runs on the JVM, Android runs darvik JVM, eBay and Amazon both use Java Servlets) so Oracle just have to be on the ball with updates.   As for the browser plug-in, I only use it rarely, maybe that's...
Apple's decline may start when they get off intel's roadmap and go on their own.   Intel made Apple relevant in a way.
  I had to see it to believe it, but it's finally here!  The new iPod Touch 5G threw me off because it would serve as the iPad Nano had Apple delayed releasing it.
  I still use XP Pro, it's still updated and can sign on to active directory domains, I was surprised to learn here how many people still use it, but considering it meets most people's needs especially in the managed corporate-setting, why change something that's already paid for and is managed properly? (I don't agree with MSFT removing steady state for XP from the downloads section however, despite still being useful).  Many companies also find their considerable...
That's an idea. Maybe Apple's version of Xerox PARC or something. Jef Raskin (RIP as well) would like that. Apple can continue without Steve obviously, but it is just not going to be the same. Steve was a visionary, charismatic leader. He WAS Apple.
I can't believe you're gone Steve. It's too soon. I'd like to say hello to Woz if I can, and I miss Steve Jobs even though I never knew him personally.
Apple's gestapo strikes again! Lodsys, you are next (so not)
Apple is killing them, they're just dropping like flies! Maybe HP is next...
I should've bought AAPL, I should've bought AAPL, I should've bought AAPL, (repeat)
Core i7 on a 2 lb device, but then again it's around $2,000. Good review but needs some editing IMHO; too many "Jump to section" parts
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