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Definitely, and they even forgot to post the video!
Give my regards...
You're right, there's more nuance to this "free" app than I realize. If I were a developer, and I release the app as being free + optional paid feature unlocking, then it wasn't really free- it was "free" but not really free because to let the app do more the user has to pay, hence, it was not a "free" app, it was a "bait and switch" as solipsism said, hence there potentially will no longer be a totally "free" app as a category.
How dare those developers try to make money and be reimbursed for their time. From now on, I'm making my own apps!
Agreed. This was obvious IMHO but some people disagree for some reason. But erased backup tapes? Possible if done manually or the tapes were in a silo or robot, or even discarded or destroyed. Maybe they didn't back up to tape at all, but to a disk backup system.
Good summary by the way.Indeed.
That's the ticket!
Oh dear, see, that's why I make my own personal backups. Don't trust your vendor, if financial account data was lost that's another story, but still, lost data can be inconvenient at best. And that's any vendor- not just MS or Apple.
Flash Reborn!
ps. share the wealth Steve! (grin)
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