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Steve's sex life is apparently "pretty good these days." (27:54) Then Steve asks: "how's yours?" Walt's reply: "[mine is] great, thanks for asking." Kara's: "Don't ask."
And Out of the PostScript Came Quartz Apple even integrated Adobe technologies in its own products!
IMHO error rates become a concern at these densities. Backup is another concern - hose a 3TB drive and there goes everything! (or if it's lost, stolen, etc.) At any rate, of course the better capacity and affordability is welcome. Applications just have to scale up to take advantage of these mainframe-like capacities. SAS stands for "Serial attached SCSI" - not a typical desktop interface, but I'm sure SATA versions will follow.
Verizon Wireless CEO to clarify (Verizon's "chief" CEO is Ivan Seidenberg)Check out my own prediction!
Great charts, Verizon looks to have the best network. FiOS is an excellent product too, so Verizon has it good wireless and wired.
Ellen Degeneres makes $15M annually.
Add iTunes to the list?
Walt Mossberg on Charlie Rose mentioned 1M as a signifiicant milestone for the iPad. Unbelievable!
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