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Steve Jobs is a genious.
Is Apple getting ready to license Mac OS X?
Good for you kid. My projects included watching Transformers and playing with Transformers at that age. Can you beat that?
Amen!Perhaps, but Apple's EULA states the terms I believe."Each time we were told to pound sand" (Jobs on asking a fair price for the OEM mfg. to pay for Mac OS)Well said.You're correct. The entire PC Intel Architecture that is. In fact, what made the PowerPC-based Macs so hard to clone were their extensive BIOSes that were difficult to clean-room reverse engineer. (I read this little tidbit on Scott Mueller's PC repair book).
That's good thinking, and 7 years is excellent life for a personal computer. Things may change once Snow Leopard is released, IMHO. iBooks aren't on the list? They're G4 also.
Or how about this: http://images.google.com/images?q=will ferrell phone
Key codes will probably return once the product gets more users. Pirating is a no-no IMHO.
EULA's are very, very, very, *very* restrictive. If I backup my Windows XP partition more than once, I've violated the EULA.
The iPhone's Golden Touch: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...122902082.html
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