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Thanks for the post.Agreed. Windows tends to let me down when it counted the most (eg, I had to print several copies of a document within a few minutes; and that's when the laptop decided to slow down and take its time waking up. In all other times it wakes up ok. Figures.)
Thanks for the tip. And here's a tip for you. Saves a finger or two.
iPhone will have a front-facing camera, and known a few months in advance. Apple seriously screwed up here (while Gizmodo and Brian now have major problems, I wonder if developers jumping in on this tip will now be guilty of access to a trade secret?)
That WAS the next iPhone then, given all the prosecution that followed (ie, it's not a 'controlled leak')
That's life in the billionaire club.
Tim Burton could've designed this model, I call it the Dark Knight iPhone
This iPhone model looks "batmanish" to me
Dark Knight
Nah, ThinkSecret didn't rely on accidents.
New Posts  All Forums: