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Good reply. Apple discontinued their last 12" Powerbook G4 and 12" iBook G4 for some reason.
I like the virtual scrolling surface of the prototype, vs. icons for iPad. iPad responds faster I have to admit, and better designed overall. WePad on Youtube.
Who's buying all these chips I wonder? (Hahah, Apple, who else) AAPL = $83 last year. Sigh.
High end = Core i7. Yessssss
Thanks for the link!Either Charlie gave it for free or he was compensated (his demo was scripted most likely)Carr was great also, I've never seen how he looks like. Mossberg was his usual relaxed self of course, Laptop killer? Kindle killer? I say it's a netbook killer.
Dunno.. probably product placement, and sometimes it's because that's the actual computer they use!! Apple has developed such a strong brand though; strong marketing + great products. Funny how MSFT hired Seinfeld as a response, and MSFT stopped their ads.
High-end = Core i7!!
iPad Mini discussion. Looks like size and weight is an issue.
Yep, try to separate the race problem from the Mac problem, try to ignore this salesgirl who is "stalking" you, and enjoy your time at the Apple store. If it's difficult, let some time pass by and not think about it too much. Maybe she didn't mean any harm, or maybe she did, time will let you judge better, maybe the problem will even go away on its own.Double standard is what it's called. Race is an explosive topic in this overly "P.C." country of ours, that's why no...
It's good to be the king
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