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Agreed, good post. Besides, it'd be something else if the glitches were known defects that the mfg. tries to hide.
Apple Remote Desktop = Your Mac on Your iPad
X-raying the processor? Wow, that's wicked. So it isn't an XIP (eXecute In Place) architecture after all.
HOLY SHMOKES! I called this 2 months ago! (see this thread) I "rest" my case!!
Good analogy. To add, the iPad has more "horsepower" under the hood
The earth shook today. Oh, and netbooks are toast.
Verdict here.
What's your verdict?
brucep, TEACH ME how to write like you! Larry Niven, in connection with Woz, ring trick you mean? (Ringworld)Dude, it's just a trick. It doesn't actually disobey the laws of physics (watch the knot that forms when he drops it).
Woz Rules! Sent from your Apple //c.. LOL.. ur kidding right?XIP - eXecute In Place, that's what I'm thinking! (XIP means NAND is being used as both RAM and storage). XIP is the FUTURE!!!
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