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Photos IMHO
Verdict confirmed!
Selling AAPL stock at a profit, then use profit to buy AAPL products! Dude, TEACH ME.
Exactly, sooner than later I hope. SSD is the next big thing. Memory architecture will change eventually too I hope, integrating SSD as RAM rather than storage space. Spinning disks will still have their place with their massive capacities.
Was there ever an official launch date? March X was somehow an expected launch date, but googling 'ipad release date' yields April also. Good devices take time!
Netbooks, IMHO, are toast.
Now THAT's security.
Awesome post dude, behind the scenes at the Apple Store.Woz was at the (unofficial) Modbook tablet unveiling at last year's Macworld, no doubt he'll be around for the iPad release too!
Door prizes? Then Apple store here we go!!
iPad shortage! Panic!!! Crank it up Hon Hai!! :wo w:
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