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Subsidize the increased costs with their earned interest? Heheh, that'll be nice. iMac white Core 2 Duos (some of them) were assembled in the USA I think, I saw one that was labeled assembled in the USA.
I still do that, on my Clie. Calendar, contacts, and some apps.Too bad, and Sony suddenly discontinued their excellent Clie line. People can still write 68k code on Palms; it makes for a good hobby platform.
Apple can be a money market mutual fund. Why didn't I buy this stock at $83...
Early adopter refunds anyone?
Check the physical size and SATA specs if they're compatible. Also, google "MacBook Pro take apart" and if you're good with repair you can do it yourself! The genius bar at the Apple store would most likely be able to do it for you. They probably can't back up your data for you however. Please share your experience here should you proceed with the upgrade, I wonder how Sandisk's drive compares with Intel's 80GB MLC G2 drive for starters. I think if all goes well...
Netbooks will become extinct.Agreement here!!Agreed agreed.Have fun! I will wait, maybe until the following happens:
True. The documents still have to be accessed somehow. Jef Raskin espoused the zooming metaphor to access documents, judging from his writings (Google maps an excellent example of that). However, he'd be disappointed with the proliferation of apps ("there's an app for that"), each app having its own modes, actions, appearance, and behavior. Two steps forward, one step back, but we're getting there.
Upgrade to G4 already
Amazon earns 65% from each ebook sale, but Amazon agreed to take only 30% under certain conditions. As for printing and distribution for physical books... perhaps someone in-the-know can share some numbers. (I did find some good info on the web: 1, 2)
Fear? But they do their own stunts..
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